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5 Healthy Cucumber Snacks

Cucumbers are not just for moisturizing your eyes and getting rid of your dark circles.. they make great snacks too! A few days ago my team and I got together to make a cucumber themed lunch and here are some of our favorites. The crazy thing was that these snacks are not only incredibly easy to make, but they’re really filling as well! These can also be great to serve at a wine party or as appetizers for your guests. See below to see which ones are your favorite:

1. The Cucumber Sandwich

 Ingredients: Cucumber slices, prosciutto, cheese

We went a little fancier with our cheese & used it as a garnish, but overall this cucumber sandwich is really refreshing and tasty. This “sandwich” makes a great healthy snack because you’re forgoing the carbs. Feel free to substitute the prosciutto with any kind of meats and cheese you want to make the ultimate cucumber sandwich!

2. Cucumbers On-the-Go

Ingredients: cucumbers, hummus

This is a really easy and great snack to pack for when you’re on the go or for the office!. I personally prefer a garlic hummus but this snack is so easy that you can basically use any kind of dip. For a healthy choice though, definitely avoid peanut butter or Nutella. And btw I never knew cutting boards can be so pretty!

3. The Green Roll

Ingredients: Cucumber, mashed avocado with cilantro, capers

Not going to lie, this one was the trickiest to make, but also the most fulfilling. (Something about thick globs of avocado that sits heavier on your stomach..) To make this, cut a thinly cucumber slice so you can roll it up with avocado. If your cucumber slice is too thick, it could be too difficult to roll up.  The avocado makes the cucumber stay together so add a generous amount. Lastly, add a caper as garnish and serve it on a pretty plate and you’re ready to eat! As much as I love simple white plates, these printed ones are perfect for serving little snacks like these!

4. The Tuna Cracker

Ingredients: Cucumbers, cajun pepper, tuna, cracker

This was really yummy and probably my favorite. We added a little lemon and salt to the tuna, and the cajun pepper gave the whole snack a little kick. (I think I just love anything spicy!)

5. Sun-dried Tomatoes & Cucumbers

Ingredients: Cucumbers, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese

This is can be a very pretty snack for guests or at a wine party. The sun-dried tomatoes & cucumbers together is also a really interesting combination. For an even healthier version of this snack, try substituting the sun-dried tomatoes for little garden tomatoes!

And there you have it, 5 healthy cucumber snacks. Which ones are you guys going to try??

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Photography by Karen Rosalie