Health 10 years ago

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Hi loves,

As you guys know from following me on Instagram, I’m a huge health nut. I love exercising, fruit, and all things salad. And especially after the pregnancy, I’m really mindful of my body and what I’m putting into it. I’m sharing today with you guys some health tips I have that I follow during the week to make sure my body gets the care that it deserves.

Leafy Greens & Cottage Cheese

I try to eat a salad for a meal at least three times a week to get my Vitamin K in. I also like to add a cup serving of cottage cheese because it’s so high in protein and calcium!

Berries & Greek Yogurt

Lately I’ve been eating a lot of greek yogurt because the baby needs calcium for his/her bones! (Or else they’ll start taking mine ..) I also love adding fruit into my yogurt, but especially berries because they’re high in antioxidants!

Vitamin C

During flu season I like taking vitamin c packets into my water or juice to keep my immune system up. Especially since I’m such a workaholic I have to make sure I take care of my body! There are so many benefits to Vitamin C I definitely recommend everyone drinks OJ in the morning to get the day started right.

Vitamin E & Fish Oil

I’ve always taken Vitamin E for my skin, and fish oil for the Omega-3, which is really great for my pregnancy!

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds in water is my guilty drink. Ever since my sister Jane introduced this to me I’ve been hooked even though it looks a little crazy. Chia seeds have so much nutrients (Omega-3) and health benefits but it’s often overlooked. You can also get Omega-3 in fish, but I like taking these seeds to make sure I get the right amount into my body. Chia seeds are an easy and effortless way to maintain your cholesterol because the Omega-3 can help lower the bad cholesterol (LDL)!

Multi-vitamins & Vitamin D

Before I got pregnant I used to take a multivitamin every so often, but now I take my prenatal vitamins every day. And if you guys don’t like to take pills, gummy vitamins are an easy way to get your vitamin intake!

I hope this post was helpful in raising awareness for your body. And keep in mind that as long as you eat healthy, you’d have most of the vitamins you’d need. Consult your doctor to see what you lack and what you should take to be the healthiest you can be. Beauty doesn’t just start with fashion, it starts with being healthy!