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Revealing my Wavy Hair Secrets

So you know that lyric in Beyoncé song- "I woke up like this?" I actually kinda did. Well, when it comes to my hair at least.

Hair Tips 2 weeks ago

Winter Hair Necessities

All of this dry weather can really take a toll on my skin, but it also dries out my hair, too!

Beauty 5 months ago

Haircare Holy Grail

You guys have seen my Skincare Holy Grail products, now keep scrolling to discover my Haircare Holy Grail! These are the products I use to keep my hair strong, shiny and healthy.

Beauty 9 months ago

3 Hairstyles to Help You Embrace Your Frizz

Finding ways to work with it, and not work against it has completely changed my outlook on my hair. So keep scrolling to see 3 hairstyles to help you embrace your frizz!

Beauty 11 months ago

Easy Day to Night Hair

Low maintenance hairstyles are the best, especially for long work days. But a low maintenance hair style that doubles as the perfect day to night hair? It's almost too good to be true!

Beauty 1 year ago

5 Steps to Sexy Beach Hair

Why is it that looking effortless is actually the least effortless thing ever? With summer on the horizon, all the CINCteam girls and I can think about is spending all day at the beach. But until then, we've settled for perfecting our beach waves.

Beauty 1 year ago

3 Easy Spring Braids

Braids can be really intimidating. For me personally, anything beyond just your average braid seems like rocket science!

Beauty 1 year ago

How to Get the Best Blowout Ever

Whenever I feel like I need to treat my hair, going to a salon and getting a blowout is always my first choice. But being as busy as I am, sometimes I just wish the salon would come to me!

Beauty 1 year ago

My Top 5 Favorite Hair Masks

With my schedule for Fashion Month being as crazy as it is, sometimes my hair takes the backseat. With all the different hairstyles and heat being constantly applied to my hair, I know that as soon as the month is over, I need to give my tresses some SERIOUS love. I found that the best way to do that is with a killer hair mask.

Hair Tips 1 year ago

Currently Obsessed: Apple Cider Vinegar

You might remember me raving about this stuff when I gave you my 5 Steps to Flawless Hair, but this Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse and Leave-in-Treatment has genuinely transformed my hair.

Beauty 1 year ago

How to Get Jen Atkin's Famous Beach Waves

Everyone wants beach waves a lá Jen Atkin, but we all can't look like Kendal Jenner. SO, what's a girl to do?

Beauty 1 year ago

5 Steps to Flawless Hair

You know that moment when you roll out of bed in the morning and your hair looks like an absolute mess. Well, what if I told you that you could wake up with flawless hair?

Beauty 1 year ago