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Hair Tips 1 year ago

How to Ensure Your Hair Isn't Crispy This Summer

Your hair can take a major beating over the summer.

All the sun exposure, salt water, chlorine, even sweat can take a toll on your hair! So how can you make sure your locks still look  all season long? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered on all the after sun haircare tips you need to adopt. Oftentimes we spend so much time thinking about our face that we forget that our hair needs TLC too. Between moisturizing hair masks, revitalizing shampoos and even a hair oil that will make your hair as shiny as a hair dye commercial – sun damage or not, these products are perfect for your hair care arsenal.

Hair Oils

There are a lot of hair oils out there but I really love this one by Davines and this one from Oribe! The Oi Oil by Davines is formulated for dry and coarse hair (aka me) and is great for helping fight frizz and adding shine. When my hair feels really dry, I add this oil onto damp hair to keep it conditioned all day long.

Double duty products are my weakness so it’s no wonder I love this oil from Oribe. This hair/body oil can be summed up with one word: luxe. It looks luxe, smells luxe and makes your hair feel, well, luxe! Plus, it looks amazing on my vanity and smells like heaven!

Cleansing Créme

Cleansing crémes are a thing now and they’re great! It’s like a conditioner but not. It’s non-foaming and ideal for dry or over-processed hair. It deeply moisturizes your hair and soothes your scalp. Also helps your color stay longer if you have it treated. (ICYMI, you can read Jane’s post about How to Treat Colored Hair here)



After a long day spent in the sun, my hair is even more coarse than usual since it’s dried out, so that's when I reach for the ultra-moisturizing stuff. This recovery shampoo from Virtue is instant relief, especially if your hair is dry and damaged. Not only does it revitalize dull hair but it's also good for colored hair.

Pre-Shampoo Treatments

This pre-shampoo treatment from Leonor Greyl is made specifically for dry damaged hair and to help protect your hair from UV damage and pool water. AKA: make sure you take this on vacation with you! It leaves your hair soft, shiny and bouncy. I even read a review online where one woman completely ditched conditioner after using this product!

Another great option for a pre-shampoo treatment is to use a hair mask! This one by Oribe is super rejuvenating and smells so, so good. It’s like my after vacation hair savior because it brings damaged hair back to life, is really nourishing and has UV protection for your hair! It’s really concentrated so you’re only supposed to use it once a week. If you’re traveling, do this treatment before you head out and when you get back.

Do you guys have any after-sun hair care tips? Please let me know down below and have a fantastic day!

Photography by Karla Ticas | Hair & Makeup by Leibi Carias | Location: The Hollywood Roosevelt Cabana Room

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