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Fashion 1 month ago

What I Wear From My Daughter's Closet

I’ve been rocking lots of hair accessories for the last couple of months.

You might remember me talking about them in this post here and nowadays, it seems like every time I walk out of my house, I’ve got some on… and sometimes more than one! I’ve even started ‘borrowing’ some of Chloe’s! It’s such a fun way to add a little whimsy to any outfit and I love the nod to the ’90s, too. I still haven’t seen any butterfly clips yet! Do you think they’ll make a comeback? My gut says no… but you never know.

While I love a good metal statement barrette or clip like this one and this one, I’ve been really into pearls lately. I found this brand called Neophyte Jewels on Instagram and immediately fell in love with them!They’ve got such fun designs and I love being able to support smaller brands!

If I’m not wearing one of the pearl clips, I’m usually wearing a bunch of gold bobby-pins like these here. They’re inexpensive, come in different lengths, and a great way to get the look on a budget! Just layer up a bunch with a ponytail and you’ve instantly got a killer look! I like using the gold ones because they really stand out against my hair color. If you have blonde hair, try playing around with black or brown pins to create some contrast!


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What are your thoughts on hair accessories? Let me know your thoughts in the comments down below!

Photography by Karla Ticas
Top: Ramy Brook

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I usually don’t respond to hate comments but this one was just the cherry on top… I had to say something. Loved seeing everyone’s jokes...

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What I Wear From My Daughter's Closet

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