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Everything You Need to Know about Lymphatic Drainage

It feels like almost everyone I follow on Instagram has gotten a lymphatic drainage massage of some sort in the last few months.

Those before and after photos had me seriously impressed, and it’s definitely been a hot topic of conversation amongst the CINCteam. Beyond being impressed, it really got me thinking. Lymphatic drainage… what exactly IS it? I’ve talked about it briefly when I’ve talked about dry brushing and jade rolling in the past, but is it all just water weight retention? Can you give yourself an at-home lymphatic drainage massage? What are the benefits? Is it all just hype? I set forth and did some research to answer my many questions, and decided to share my findings with you all!

What is it?

Your lymphatic system is a giant web of ducts and nodes throughout your body that essentially take all the toxins in your body and flush them out. It’s a HUGE part of your immune system. Think back to the last time you went to a doctor’s office with a cold and he or she always check your lymph nodes to see if they’re swollen! When they’re swollen, it means they’re working overtime to get all of the bad stuff OUT, and with a virus… that’s a LOT of bad stuff.

Why should I care?

So the lymphatic system doesn’t just kick in the second you wake up with a stuffy nose.  It’s constantly filtering and flushing toxins out of your body. Fluid drainage via the lymphatic system affects acne, puffiness, constipation, cellulite, headaches… the list goes on! Basically, a clogged lymphatic system probably has everything to do with whatever ailments you might be feeling.

So now what?

Since your lymphatic system is so close to the surface of your skin, it can be moved and manipulated with your fingers, or a massaging tool! For full body lymph draining, a lymphatic massage is ideal but for an at-home treatment, but dry brushing is also great! For more localized drainage like your face, a tool like a face roller really helps with fluid drainage.

What can I do at home?

As I mentioned above, there are so many great tools on the market you can use to help fluid drainage. Keep scrolling to check out a few of my faves:

Tatcha Akari Gold Massager

Besides looking chic AF on your vanity, this 24 karat gold massager is super luxe. You can use it hot (just run it under warm water for a few seconds) or cold and it really helps depuff and detoxify. If you're curious as to how to use it, the Tatcha website actually has a step-by-step for a tension releasing lymphatic drainage massage. I like to use it maybe once a week! 


Shop it here

Joanna Czech Facial Massager

The facial massager from Joanna Czech is another favorite face tool! One of the reasons I keep this close is because it can be used for so many different reasons. It can be used to push products into your skin! I like to use it with some face oils like the Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum, the Clear Pure Radiance Oil, and the Dr. Barbara Sturm Hyaluronic Serum. It also works really well with sheet masks! Beyond helping your skin absorb as much product as possible, it can also be used to give yourself a facial massage AND help promote drainage. I like the pressure on this facial massager because it’s not too light.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, this one from Skin Gym is great or a jade roller like this one or this one is great as well!

Dr. Barbara Sturm Dry Brush 

I've been dry brushing off and on for years now… my first post about the Truth About Dry Brushing was published three years ago! You can use the dry brush on its own or add a few drops of oil (I’m loving this one!) to the bristles. Though, if you do use an oil with your dry brushing, it’s best to dry brush after the shower so your body can absorb all the moisture.

Dry brushing in upward strokes starting from your feet and moving your way up your body will help with lymphatic drainage, exfoliating, and just making your skin look and feel amazing overall. Just remember to be gentle!


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Can I do more?

Yes! Beyond at-home treatments and massages, there are more ways to make sure your lymphatic system is working at its peak performance. Diet, exercise and staying hydrated are also important components of healthy fluid drainage. Drinking enough water helps everything flow, exercise helps keep things moving and help improve your posture – being slumped at your desk all day can actually cause fluid backup! And of course, it all comes back to diet! Keeping a close eye on what you’re putting into your body is everything! Leafy greens, herbs, turmeric, and citrus are just a few of the foods that help your lymphatic system.



So, the next time you have a headache, or maybe when you’re feeling sluggish or bloated… do yourself a favor and drink some water and give yourself a mini lymphatic drainage massage! You and your body will be so happy you did!

Have any of you gotten a pro lymphatic drainage massage? I’d love to hear about it! Drop a comment down below!

Photography by Karla Ticas

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