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The Truth Behind Dry Brushing

The Right Brush

When shopping around for a dry brush, it’s important to get one with firm bristles and an easy to grip handle. The brush I have uses cactus bristles, which is very coarse, so I only use it twice a month.

The Strokes

Dry brushing works best before you get into the shower. Use long upward strokes starting at your feet and work your way up. Always stroke in the direction of your heart. It exfoliates and opens up your pores, which means your skin is ready for as much moisture as possible!


Some of you guys might remember my short trip to Dallas, Texas a while ago. While some might remember their trip to Texas by eating amazing BBQ ribs (which I also did!) the one thing I took away from my trip there was learning about dry brushing. I picked up my own dry brush at the Joule Hotel Spa. I’ve been hearing a lot about dry brushing and how it’s good for your skin, so I wanted to try it myself. I love going to new places and discovering new beauty trends that are happening, so I’m excited today to open the conversation with you guys about dry brushing.

Although many bloggers and influencers swear by dry brushing, there are some things you should know before you add it to your beauty routine. You’ve probably heard that dry brushing exfoliates dead skin, stimulates your lymphatic system, reduces cellulite, unclogs pores and decongests skin, but some doctors will disagree. I did some research and found two great articles about the myth busting of dry brushing. Click here and here to read them!

Brushing your skin will make it swollen, which gives it that plump and young look. However, your skin will almost immediately go back down to its original state. If performed too frequently dry brushing can actually cause “micro-cuts” that lead to skin infections, easily irritated skin, and tiny scarring (especially for those with very dry skin and eczema). Which is why it’s very important to moisturize right after you shower.

Personally, I only use a dry brush twice a month on my arms and legs to remove dead skin cells. It makes me feel like I have a new layer of skin! Just like normal exfoliation, it is good to space out treatments. The last thing you want to do is damage your skin. Do you think you’ll add dry brushing to your beauty routine? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great Tuesday!


Photography by Karen Rosalie