TRAVEL 5 years ago

Fashion Week at the Peninsula Hotel New York

I can’t believe that New York Fashion Week is already over!

This fashion week was particularly special to me as I was able to bring Colette with me! It was my first time traveling with her so I couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. I was so happy to discover that Colette had a pretty easy temperament as long as she was full and had a good night’s rest.

The Peninsula Hotel New York hosted us once again and I couldn’t be more thankful for the team there. It’s truly my favorite spot to stay in when I’m in the city (you might remember my last trip here when I was with Chloe and 8 months pregnant)! The Peninsula Hotel put me at ease and gave us the most extraordinary service when I stayed with Chloe, so I knew that staying at the Peninsula for Fashion Week was going to be the best choice for us once again. We stayed in one of their gorgeous Deluxe Executive Suites which was roomy enough for me, the nanny and Colette to comfortably sleep in.


There was a beautiful living room, which doubled as Colette’s playroom. They prepared another one of their signature teepees and Colette loved playing in there as much as Chloe did when she stayed here. We also made great use of the living room for work, eating, and having guests over! I think I had a guest stop by almost every night I was there. So many of my New York friends wanted to visit Colette which made me feel so grateful and happy!

Every day the Peninsula would prepare the most thoughtful gifts for us. One day, I walked into photos of my family that they framed for me and another day, there was also a LEGO set that Chloe asked Colette to buy for her (they saw it from my IG stories). There were fresh fruit baskets every day and they even had a comfortable baby crib and baby products when we arrived! I’m telling you- when you’re traveling with a baby, it’s all about the little things! The suite also had two bathrooms, a huge walk-in closet (such a game changer for fashion week) and a gorgeous vanity area for me to get ready in every morning!


I also took advantage of their spa while I was there. You guys know I love a good spa day when I can get one in. It’s on the top floor of the hotel and has the most breathtaking view of the city. I felt instantly relaxed the second I walked into the spa. Everything from the music to the calming aroma put me in the zone for total relaxation. I got one of their signature massages, the Subtle Energies Blissful Marma Massage, and it not only put me in total relaxation mode but it also energized me for the week! The massage is all about using different levels of pressure to really get into the deep tissue layers. Along with aromatherapy and lymphatic drainage, I felt like a whole new person after the session ended.



The Peninsula New York is absolute my go-to when I’m in NYC. If you haven’t stayed there yet I highly recommend that you do when booking your next trip to the big apple! Trust me, you’re not going to want to stay anywhere else!

Photography by Karla Ticas
Location: Peninsula Hotel New York