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Beauty 2 months ago

Fall Beauty Trends

As I write this, it’s still 85 degrees Fahrenheit in Los Angeles. It’s also October.

So, while the calendar is telling me to grab a sweater, the weather is telling me to wear a sundress! It’s very confusing. What’s a woman to do? Quick answer to fall: switch up her makeup, of course! If you guys remember from this post here, I’m all about the nudes for fall, but that won’t stop me from a little punch of color every once and a while!

Keep scrolling to read what some of my favorite beauty trends for fall are! Something tells me they’ll be your favorites too!


Clear Gloss

Do you guys remember those Lancome Juicy Tubes from once upon a time? Well, glossy lips are BACK! It looks great with any makeup look, or with no makeup at all! Something about lipgloss makes me feel put together, and a little glamorous. Even if I’m just doing something monotonous like grabbing groceries… it adds a little something special!

Shop Gloss

Shadow Play

A good eyeshadow palette can make all the difference in creating your look. If I’m going somewhere special, I like to add some drama to my eyes… just a little something to transition my daytime eye look to more of a nighttime look! This fall, I’m reaching right for the nudes, rusts (kind of like the Madison Mock neck! *wink wink*), and burgundies! The palette I’m using here is this one by Tarte! It’s got a ton of gorgeous colors that are perfect to transition your makeup look into fall.

These colors totally warm up your look while adding just the perfect touch of drama. Don’t forget to add a little bit of color on your lower lash line to pull the whole look together!


Pro Tip: if you want to add even MORE drama to your look, give your shimmer eyeshadow double duty! Taking a fluffy brush (like this one) or even your finger, gently tap some shadow on your lips! I like to do it kind of in the middle to give a blurred look. You can either do this over a coat of lip balm or jazz up a nude lipstick, like this one or this one!

Shop some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes below!

Shop Eyeshadows


Dark Lips

Okay, I know this isn’t exactly a trend because it’s pretty classic- but this is a post about fall beauty… I can’t *not* mention a vampy lip! Matte finish, satin finish, liquid lispstick, lip stain… however you get there, a good red lipstick is a MUST for every makeup bag. I’m wearing this one here, but I gathered some of my favorites for you to shop below!

Shop Lipsticks

So if the temperatures where you aren't as "fall" as you'd like them to be, start by switching up your makeup! It should hopefully hold you over until sweater weather! Let me know what kind of fall content you'd like to see in the comments below! And if you aren't already… be sure to follow '@thechrisellefactor' on Instagram for more awesome content and fun takeovers! Have a great weekend! 


Photography by Karla Ticas
Sweater: Chriselle Lim Collection

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Fall Beauty Trends

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