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How to Maximize Your Shower (in 7 Minutes or Less)

This one goes out to all the hard-working, busy, no-time-to-really-shower kind of women out there because we can all come together to agree on one universal thing… not having enough time to take as many showers as we would like.

How many times have we gone an extra day or two skipping a shower because the day got ahead of us or got too busy? Side note: I want to give a special shout-out to whoever created dry shampoo in advance!

My amazing assistant Jessica, who’s always doing a million and one things for me at any given time actually requested this story. She (and my whole team) are always running in and out every week getting who knows what done like a boss! So, for those of you that have a long commute to work and always get home late, actually hate to shower or don’t have more than a max of 7 minutes a morning to actually shower…we feel you and this story’s for you.

Here are all the ways the CINCteam and I maximize our shower time:

Candle: Diptyque

1. After you’re done with your usual shampoo + conditioner, throw on a quick hair mask to get your hair nice and healthy.

2. While you’re waiting for your hair mask to soak in, throw on a quick face mask while you brush your teeth. This may sound really weird at first, but it’s really effective and using a chic toothpaste like this helps get the job done. Total GAMECHANGER!

3. After you’re done brushing your teeth, make sure to exfoliate your body while your hair and face mask are still on. You want your masks on as long as you possibly can during the duration of your entire shower.

4. If you don’t need to exfoliate, use a nice body wash. I’ve been sharing this one with CloClo!

5. Now is the time to shave if you need to since you’ve exfoliated your body and gotten rid of all those dead skin cells.  You’ll have a better, more even and clean shave. If you don’t have shaving cream, try using your conditioner!

6. Now, wash everything off and immediately throw on a microfiber towel to your hair!  This is another GAMECHANGER! It saves so much time drying your hair and really helps to minimize frizz (which we all know is something that I personally struggle with.)

7. Massage a hair oil into the ends of your damp hair. This will help your hair stay shiny and conditioned all day long without feeling greasy. This is something that we never skip.

8. Layer on a body oil with your favorite sunscreen to damp skin for maximum absorption and voilá, and you’re ready to go (in under 7 minutes or less)! Mixing your body oil with a sunscreen helps keep your body hydrated longer.

What are some ways you maximize your shower time? Let us know in the comments below!



Photography by Karla Ticas