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LIFESTYLE 8 months ago

April's Most Wanted

Today is the last day of April and I swear it was just February. It was a month of preparations for me and the CINCteam, with some BIG announcements coming next month. So in order to gear up for a fantastic May, we took a look back at the last couple of weeks and rounded up some of our favorites- and YOUR favorites!

Keep scrolling to discover April’s Most Wanted:


1. The Cool Girl Hair Product
2. The Pedicure Miracle Worker
3. The Instant Calm
4. The Cool Girl Skincare Product
5. The Skincare Game Changer


1. The Black Pumps
2. The Statement Top
3. The Spring Staple
4. The Bag
5. The Statement Shoe

Your Favorite Posts This Month

1. You’re Layering Your Skincare All Wrong
2. How to Calm TF Down in 5 Minutes
3. The Cool Girl Products that Actually Work


What was your favorite part of April? And what are you looking forward to in May? Let me know in the comments below and have a fantastic Monday!

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April's Most Wanted

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