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TRAVEL 8 months ago

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Having to travel so much for work means that sometimes, it feels nearly impossible to keep up with any type of regular routine, especially when it comes to fitness and clean eating. While indulging is totally normal and acceptable here and there, I work way too hard to throw all of those healthy habits out of the window when I’m out of town! I’ve found that it’s all about finding a balance between managing your expectations and being flexible.

Realistically, I know I can’t do my usual 6 am workouts, but I CAN find ways to work in some healthy habits while traveling! Keep scrolling to read my top 4 tips on how to stay healthy when traveling! And yes, you can totally do it!

1. Mind Your Meals

Always make the first meal of the day count! Being out of my normal routine, it’s hard to eat well during the day and especially when I’m on the go. So for breakfast, I make sure to always get a healthy meal in and set the tone for the day! At the Amastan, I always order the egg white omelet, yogurt parfait, orange juice, espresso, and a small croissant… (You guys know how much I love my pastries) as my morning fuel!



2. Multitask

Whenever I travel, I always make sure to throw in my resistance bands with me! They don’t take up any space at all and are incredibly easy to use. I like to have them around my calves and do leg raises when I’m laying in my bed! It’s a great way to multitask while I check emails and Instagram!

3. Take Those Stairs 

A little extra physical activity here and there never hurt anybody! Taking the stairs is a great way to sneak in a booty workout and get your blood pumping! The room I usually stay at in the Hotel Amastan is on the 6th floor so I try to walk up the stairs every day at least once. Plus in Europe, the levels start at 0 so I technically do 7 flights! I believe the recommended number of steps you should take to maintain your weight is 10,000 steps (aka about 5 miles).

4. YouTube Workouts 

If I have the time, I love to do a quick YouTube video workout back in my room. A quick little 15-minute sweat session can make all the difference. If you’re worried about wifi, this little guy is a lifesaver! It’s called ‘MiFi’ and it’s basically a portable pocket wifi! It’s super convenient and easy to use.

How do guys stay healthy when you travel? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography by Candice Kao

Location: Hotel Amastan

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How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

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