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8 Tips to Help You Sleep Better (For Real)

Hey Everyone!  It’s your girl, Jane, back on the blog today and I’m here to talk to you about one of my absolute favorite things to do: sleep.  Ask anyone in my family, my friends, work friends, even my nephew Nolan and they will all let you know how much I pride myself on getting adequate rest.

I firmly believe that being able to consistently get a good night of rest is truly a gift.  It’s critical to your skin, health, sanity and overall well-being.  When you’re well rested, your thoughts are clear and lucid, your skin’s texture is significantly better and your equilibrium is right where it needs to be. These days, with technology enabling us to access everything and anything at any given time, we need to be more conscious of the time we spend looking at our screens and make sure we have a well-balanced lifestyle.  More often than not, we end up being subconsciously hyper-stimulated 24/7 which ends up affecting our sleep cycles which then causes poor sleeping habits to develop.

So whether it be from stress, anxiety, change, insomnia, the after 10 PM Instagram dark hole, or a mixture of it all, here are 8 natural sleeping tips I swear by to ensure I catch my zzz’s every night no matter how crazy the day gets.

Light a soothing candle when you’re home to relieve stress from the work day and take time to relax. The act of lighting a candle immediately warms up the room and puts your mind at ease. Palo Santo is known for having properties such as fighting inflammation and stimulating the immune system.

Brain Dump your to-do list in a journal and leave your to-dos organized for the next day. Don’t take your list to bed with you!

Drink a cup of tea that’s good for sleep like:

+ Peppermint (also great for digestions)
+ Chamomile (aids in sleep, digestion and is loaded with antioxidants)
+ Valerian (used to treat insomnia, anxiety, stress and sleep issues. Also has a positive effect on blood pressure.)
+ Lavender (Improve mood, promote restful sleep, prevents infection, soothe bloating)
+ Lemon Balm (aids to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, heal wounds)
+ Kava Kava (helps with restlessness, sleeplessness and stress-related symptoms like muscle tension)

Draw yourself a bath and use something like a eucalyptus soak to get some much needed R&R. Eucalyptus is known to boost immunity and reduce anxiety and stress with its soothing benefits.

Try using a lavender essential oil instead of any sleep medication you take and rub it on your temples to help you relax before bedtime. It’s known to calm you and relieve stress, pain, and anxiety.

No tech in the bedroom. No TV, cell phones, iPads, etc. Your bedroom should be your place of rest and sanctuary. The moment you bring tech in there, your body doesn’t know if it should feel stimulated or at rest.

Try waking up naturally with the sun (it’s best for your body’s internal clock as your body responds well to light). Invest in sheets with a good thread count and good shades that help let the sunlight shine through.

Add a sleep sachet of lavender underneath your pillows as a natural way to help you relax and induce restful sleep!

So those are my 8 tips on how to get a better night of rest naturally.  Do you practice any of these already or will you be incorporating any of these tips into your sleep routine?  @ me in the comment section and let me know!

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Photography by Teddy Nguyen (Instagram | Website)