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All The Ways to Love Yourself This Month

Hey Everyone!

It’s Jane!  If you’re not too familiar with who I am, I’m the Editorial Director here at The Chriselle Factor.  I’m responsible for managing the website, being on set to produce content, and creating the emails, to name a few. I’m from the Bay Area but moved to LA 9 years ago (hence the reason why R&B is my favorite genre of music. Yes, you can 100% thank the Bay for that). To sum it up, I asked some friends to help describe me to you and they agreed that I am like “your sassy older sister who keeps it real and encourages a laugh along the way.”  I’ve been on the CINC Team for over a year now and couldn’t be any happier/thankful to be a part of something so great.

I’m a firm believer in self-love and taking care of myself (mind, body and soul) so you KNOW how excited I was when Chriselle asked me to write this piece.  Side note: in conjunction with my excitement, I feel simultaneously nervous about putting myself out there but it’s 2018 so I hope you guys are here for it.


February is officially in motion so let’s talk about that one thing that’s running through everyone’s minds this month: L-O-V-E.  The 14th of this month marks:

a). plenty of opportunities to get showered with gifts, flowers, chocolates and champs


b). singles awareness day

Whether you’re currently in a relationship, married, single, newly single, kind of seeing someone, or in-between Tinder and Bumble dating apps… this post will fit any type of relationship you’re in because there’s a universal thing we all have in common: self-love.

If there’s one day to completely indulge in 100% guilt-free pampering, it’s today.  Trust me, I’m an expert at treating myself, even on non-holidays (you can ask my boyfriend Cam).

Here are all the ways the CINC Team plan to maximize being in full-on pamper mode come Valentine’s Day because as we all know, there are more than a few ways to love/treat yourself like a straight up QUEEN 👸🏻.

1. Book a staycation just for the day. There’s nothing better than sleeping in a fluffy hotel bed, room service and not having to clean up afterward.  Just don’t forget to leave a tip for the staff once you’re gone.

2. Call Someone. As much I love sending that new fire emoji in my group chat, in a digital world where we text way too much, give someone a ring and have a real conversation.

3.  Pop that fancy bottle of champagne you’ve been saving (or crush a few La Croixs if you don’t like to drink). What’s better than champagne on your birthday?  Having champagne on your self-love day.

4.  Binge watch something with NO regrets. We’re talking 4-5 episodes in a row here without leaving the couch or bed and feeling zero remorse.

5.  It’s cliché, but we will never hate on a fancy piece of chocolate.

6.  Write down all the things you love about yourself in a cute journal or on a post-it. It’s important to remember all of the qualities that make you uniquely YOU.  Self-love and self-affirmation are real so let’s continue to practice it.

7.  Today is THE day to buy that thing you’ve been wanting and no one will judge you. Whether it’s that serum you’ve been wanting, that designer eye mask that will make your sleep a little better, these Dior Slides or Cartier bracelets you might need to charge on the cc, now or never.

8.  Take a bath and scrub that beautiful body of yours from face to toe. Exfoliate your faceyour body, and even your feet.

9.  Mask It All. Immediately following your full body exfoliation, add a great smelling hair maskbutt maskeye masklip mask and face mask while sipping champs. Extra?  Maybe. But, your body will feel so smooth and there’s nothing better than feeling the best in your skin.

10.  Lastly, just do whatever the F you want as long as no one gets hurt. Don’t feel pressured to go out if you don’t want to or go to that thing you’re not feeling. The best way to not have FOMO on this day is to do you.

What are some ways you love pampering yourself on V DAY?  @ me and let me know in the comments below!

xo Jane


Photography by Karla Ticas

Location:  Tuck Hotel | Instagram