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The Best Tips to Organize and Purge Your Home

It’s day two of 2018 so let’s start this year off s-t-r-o-n-g! (PS: if you haven’t read my 2018 intentions, click here!) I’ve been wanting purge and organize the house for the longest time but have been leaving it on the back burner. It’s a big commitment, but I know I’ll feel so much better after it’s all done. So with the help of my dream closet Pinterest board, some motivation, a few orders from Amazon and these tips– I’m finally going to make it happen. Keep scrolling to read the best tips to organize and purge your home. Clear space = clear mind.


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1.  Start Small

Just like anything, it’s best to do things one step at a time. If you jump into something too big you’ll most likely just get overwhelmed and give up, so start small! So, start by cleaning out your purse or your nightstand! Organize your jewelry and sunglasses! Organize small easy spaces first to get the ball rolling.

2. Take the Time To Clean

Be sure to clean as you go, trust me you’ll thank yourself in the long run. So dust, throw out the trash and take the time clean the little things that you wouldn’t normally think to do, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. PS: magic erasers are the best!  I also like to light a scented candle and use a cleaning spray that smells nice like this Honest cleaner to put me in a happier mood about cleaning.

3. Out with the Old

When it comes to your wardrobe, I say it’s out with the old and in with the new. Cleaning out your closet is daunting, so make sure you have a great playlist going in the background and to go into it very objectively. Ask yourself if you REALLY need it, and if you haven’t worn something in longer than 6+ months, it might be time to say goodbye. Gather everything and donate it or sell it! While you’re at it, clean out your makeup bag too! Check out this post to see how long you should be keeping products after you’ve opened them!

4. Out of Sight Out of Mind

Having products visible means that you won’t forget about them. The phrase “out of sight out of mind” is so true! So clear acrylic storage like this for jewelry and this for your makeup means everything you use is front and center.

5. Label Label Label!

If you’re going to use storage boxes, which I highly recommend, label EVERYTHING. That way you know exactly where it is when you’re looking for it. It might be tedious, but you’ll thank yourself in the long run. If you’re taking down your holiday decorations, this tip totally applies too! Having things clearly labeled means you won’t be scrambling next year. So invest in a label maker like this one! (PS: masking tape and a sharpie work great too!)

photos via pinterest

6. Storage is Everything

Like I said above, storage boxes are great, but getting storage that seamlessly fits into your home is everything. I’m loving baskets for Chloe’s toys in her room and in her playroom. Having her know to clean up when she’s done helps me keep her room clean and helps her learn to clean up after herself!

7. Organize so That it Makes Sense to You

Do you like things organized seasonally? By color? By item type? Whichever makes your life easier and makes the most sense to you means that everything has a place. I like to organize my closet by season. That way, when I travel somewhere cold, I know where my coats are or if I go somewhere tropical, I know where all my bikinis are! This works for your clothes as well as your makeup!

8. Use Every Inch

When you’re organizing, be sure to take advantage of vertical height. If you can’t expand outwards, go up! Shelving above your closet and tall shelves are great. Don’t knock under bed storage either! Make your space work for you.

9. Double Duty 

I love double duty beauty products, and when it comes my home, double duty is just as important! Ottomans that double as storage, baskets that work as decor and a place to stuff Chloe’s toys- double duty gives you the best of both worlds!

10. Be Accountable

So you’ve spent all this time cleaning and purging, don’t let it go to waste! Be accountable and don’t let the clutter build up. If you’re done with your jewelry, put it back where it’s supposed to go! Same goes for your shoes. It’ll be a few extra seconds of work but it’ll all be worth it!

Are you guys ready to purge? Let’s do this! If you guys have any tips or tricks to organize, please let them know in the comments!


Featured Image by Drew Scott