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24 Hours With Me

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It just dawned on me that I’ve never taken you guys with me through a full day during fashion week! So today, I’m going to share with you guys everything I do!  From where I eat, to where I go, and what I do in the morning, here’s what 24 hours with me at fashion week looks like.

So as many of you know I always stay at the Amastan Paris when I’m in the city. This season, it so happened that AWAY luggage did a residency here! One of the reasons I love Amastan Paris is that it’s aesthetically beautiful and their signature feature is the Amastan blue marble. I was obsessed with how AWAY incorporated it into their luggage design. (I personally own the Carry-on and the larger checked luggage / You can get an extra 10% off if you use code AWAYLOVESAMASTAN)

As you guys have noticed, recently, I’ve been really into meditation. So during Paris Fashion Week, I made it a point to wake up a bit earlier every morning and have some quality meditation time! (See more about my mediation here!)



During Fashion Week, it’s hard for me to get my workouts in. My days start super early and it’s hard to find the time and energy. Luckily, Amastan offered yoga sessions in their courtyard! It was such a great way to ease into my morning after my mediation.




I didn’t have a makeup artist with me during Fashion Week, but it meant I had to allow myself some time to do get ready and my makeup. (In case you missed it, click here to see my fall makeup!) I’m definitely not a makeup artist, so when I find a look I like- I’ll stick to it! Check out the widget below to see the products I used!


The #1 thing I look for in a hotel is good breakfast because that’s usually the only meal I will have time to sit down and really eat. I ate the same thing every morning: an omelet, fruit, yogurt and an espresso. I stuck to it because I knew it was going to taste good and be the much-needed fuel I would need for a long day. In the craziness of Fashion Week, a little bit of routine feels nice.



Usually, I wouldn’t have time to get away and get a manicure during the hustle and bustle, but it was so nice that the Amastan Paris & AWAY had Paint Box on site to do an amazing manicure in the morning. It was such a treat! Naturally, I got the signature Amastan blue marble!

The first show of the day was Chanel which is always a show I really look forward to attending. Chanel is known for their elaborate installations and this one was nothing short of amazing. The collection had a lot of unique textiles such as plastic and embellishments.


This was my first time attending the Moncler show. The show was so much more than a runway as they had an amazing performance during the show. The entire venue was decked out in disco balls! Above is the look I wore to the show, I love the casual vibe of the sweat and jeans dressed up with the heels!


This show was like a dark and whimsical little mermaid, a show about dreams coming to fruition. I read that 80 percent of the collection was just made from tulle! Each look and each piece was a work of art and I was so excited that this was the first Thom Browne show I was able to attend.



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The Louis Vuitton show is always such a treat to go to. It was held at the Louvre, which is probably one of the most gorgeous places in Paris. The collection was baroque meets athletic. Which might sound like an unusual combo, but it just worked! Only Louis Vuitton could pair sneakers with such amazing ornate outerwear.

Images above taken by Lexie Moreland

Typically, I don’t attend many late night events because I have an early start the next day and I’ve already been working, but since I was flying out the following morning I decided to make myself extra tired for the plane by going out! Our hotel had free drinks and even a famous tattoo artist from Paris which both Drew and Candice from my team, took advantage of…

Though I’m always sad when Paris Fashion Week comes to an end, it’s always nice to be going back home to see the team and the family. Believe it or not, all my Fashion Week pieces fit into both my AWAY suitcases!

I hope you guys enjoyed spending the day with me during Fashion Week! Have a great day!