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5 Tips for the Perfect Airport Look

With summer right around the corner and travel on everyone’s minds, it’s time to get that airport look on lock! I always find it hard to get the perfect balance between comfy, cozy and chic but thanks to plenty of trial and error, I think I’ve found it: the perfect airport look.

As great as traveling is, it can get to be pretty stressful at times, so knowing I’m going to be comfortable, no matter how long I’ll be up in the air, always gives me a peace of mind.

Keep scrolling to discover my 5 tips for the perfect airport look:




1. Soft & Breathable

Finding fabrics that are breathable and soft is the key to the perfect airport look. This striped shirt (see it here) is soft and lightweight which is great for traveling in the summer. I paired it with these linen pants (similar here!because 1.) they’re not constricting but aren’t baggy either 2.) the linen fabric looks great even when wrinkled! I also always grab a light weight jacket to tie around my waist or stick into my carry-on. Planes can get chilly, so having an extra layer is a life saver.

2. Slip On, Slip Off

Slip-on shoes are the best to travel with. Bonus points if you know you’ll wear them again wherever you’re going! Going through security checks as seamlessly and as efficiently as possible is something I pride myself on, and a big part of that is making sure I’ve got shoes that I can literally kick off. Pro Tip: always pack a pair of socks (like these) in your carry on so your feet don’t get cold on the plane!

3. Space Saver 

When I travel in the winter, especially to Fashion Week, I always wear my bulkiest and heaviest coat on the plane. It saves space in my suitcase and makes me feel nice and cozy. But when it comes to summer traveling, I always wear my hats (like the one I’m wearing above!) on the plane. Though you can pack them, I find it easier to just wear them so I know it won’t get squished in transit!

4. Carry it On 

I’m pretty sure packing in a carry-on can be considered a fine art by now. It’s like Tetris, but with shoes! If you have the option to, packing as much in your carry-on is an absolute must. Saving space in your checked bag is great for shopping. Not to mention, if something were to happen to your checked luggage, you’d at least have your necessities in your carry-on! Side note: Would you guys like to see a post about how to pack for a trip in just your carry-on? Let me know in the comments below!

5. Stay Organized 

Keeping organized while traveling is the difference between being stranded at the airport and sitting on the beach with a drink in your hand. With so much to keep track of nothing is worth the heart dropping moment of not being able to find your passport. The solution? A travel wallet and passport holder. A travel wallet is basically like a normal wallet but wider, so it fits all of your boarding passes, foreign currency and then some.

Are you guys headed anywhere fun this summer? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure to follow along on my Instagram to see my adventures in Cannes!



Photography by Karla Ticas