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TRAVEL 1 year ago

SK-II // Face The Wild

I spent a total of 48 hours in Japan with SK-II, and I’ve never had such a crazy and action packed couple of days! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’ve been a longtime fan of SK-II and their products, so I was so honored to be able to go and participate in their #FaceTheWild initiative.

This trip truly put their products to the test. All the activities we did were outdoorsy and adventure-filled (remember when I zip lined in Okinawa?) and it was amazing to see how well my skin did, even through all the different climate elements and the sweat!

On the second day of the trip, we got to sit down with the amazing SK-II scientists who walked us through and broke down what the essence does exactly and what it’s made of. One of the ingredients SK-II is known for is their ‘Pitera’ which is 90 percent of the skin essence. Seeing the product be put to the test really validated why I love the product so much.

The scientist showed us a demonstration in which we deoxidized iodine with both water & Pitera to see its reactions. It was amazing to see how quickly the Pitera deoxidized the iodine, right in front of our eyes!

I don’t know… it might be the geek in me, but all of the scientific experiments made me so excited! As much as I love my skincare products, with so many different products on the market it’s hard to see what is just the marketing and what is truly a good product. This trip and all the demonstrations truly proved to me that the product works well and works fast.

SK-II also did a focus group study on a group of women to prove just how well the product works. One group of women used the SK-II essence for a year and one group didn’t. After that year, the women who used the essence found their skin to be 10 years younger. The group of women who didn’t use the essence found their skin to be 10 years older.

When I saw these numbers, it completely blew my mind and I know for sure that I’ll be using the SK-II essence for life! But beyond all of the numbers and statistics, the main point of this trip to Japan with SK-II is that my skin stood the test of the harsh climate conditions. It was definitely not the weather I expected Japan to have, but it totally put the products to the test. We went from extremely cold climates to tropical heat, and everything in-between and my skin has never looked and felt so supple.

I want to give a huge thank you to SK-II for this trip of a lifetime!


Photography by Drew Scott

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SK-II // Face The Wild

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