Motherhood 6 years ago

My Go-To Mommy Outfits

It’s funny to think back to my life before Chloe. What was I doing? Where was I going? How did I dress before Chloe? Not much has changed too drastically, but I definitely have a different way of thinking about my outfits during the days that I spend with her. I now ask a series of questions in my head like: is there something she can tug off of this? Can I bend down to pick her up? Will I be comfortable on my feet all day in these shoes? If need be, can I chase her down while wearing this? You know, just mom stuff.

I put together my two go-to mommy outfits to show you guys that you can be comfortable and chic while chasing your baby around!

Look 1: Midi Skirt & Stripes

This outfit is great because it’s the perfect balance between dressy and casual. The skirt gives the look a feminine vibe and the striped top is always a classic staple. When you think about chasing a toddler around, your first thought probably isn’t  “I’ll wear a skirt!” But, a midi-skirt (like this one) is the perfect solution. It’s long enough to sit in or bend over in without giving everyone a show, not to mention it’s super chicThis one in particular is super comfortable because it has an elastic waist, which means it’s not constricting at all.

Look 2: Cardigan & Jeans

This is a much more laid back look that I love. A comfy pair of jeansa soft button-down and a cardigan is always a good every day mommy look. When I’m spending the day with Chloe, I like to wear cardigans as opposed to sweaters or pull-overs because it gives me better range of motion and I can take it on and off much easier. And, like the first look, I threw on my Gucci loafer slides (similar here) because a. they’re super comfortable and b. they go with everything! I don’t think I’ve thrown something on that they didn’t look good with. Which is probably why I wear them so much…

I know that when you’re spending all day with a toddler, you probably just want to throw on sweats or workout clothes and be done with it (if you must wear sweatpants- check these out) but if you put yourself together just a little bit, I promise you’ll feel better throughout the day!


Photography by Jana Willaims