Motherhood 5 years ago

Setting Boundaries – Kids on Social Media

My life and work revolve around the internet and social media.

I signed up for it, but my daughters didn’t. It’s recently been on my mind to talk to you all about how I’m structuring boundaries on social media for my family – specifically with Chloe and Colette. It wasn’t ever a concern for me until Chloe started getting older.

It’s been incredible to watch her grow up into her own person. While I love sharing my everyday life with you all on IG and IG Stories, including the girls, in the last few months Chloe has expressed that she doesn’t like to be on camera. As much as the mom in me wants to document everything she does and share it, I want to respect her thoughts and wishes. She understands that photos and videos are ‘mommy’s work’ and I had to help her understand the importance of it, but some days, she just really doesn’t want to be in front of the camera and I have to respect that. If I try and suggest it and she’s not in the mood, she’ll tell me “not today.”

It’s a delicate balance, to say the least. I’ve gotten a handful of DMs in the last few months asking me if I like Colette more than Chloe which is absolutely absurd. I’ve gotten to a point, with my presence on Instagram, YouTube and even the blog where I’m more open and real than ever – but it also means I have to be more protective as well!

There are countless articles all over the Internet about “Sharenting” – which is the act of sharing your kids on social media. While I can say I’ve found it comforting seeing moms on the internet that I look up to going through the same things that I am, I totally understand that there should be healthy boundaries all around.

I want to share real moments of my life with you all, but I also understand that as far as Chloe and Colette are concerned, discretion is key.

So with that said, I’d love to open up a conversation with you all about sharing your kids on social media… what do you think? Please leave your thoughts down below!

Featured image by Karla Ticas