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Outfits 3 years ago

How to Wear Your Tunic as a Skirt

When I wear crop tops I try to do it very strategically because I think there’s something to be said about leaving things to the imagination. However when you’re in such humid weather, you can get away with a lot more, or in this case a lot less! I wore this bathing suit  by Giejo Swim quite a lot because it’s so versatile. On our way to lunch from the beach I threw on this skirt and suddenly this bathing suit top turned into a crop top. I’m all about versatility in my pieces, especially when investing in new pieces for the season. Like I’ve shared before, my collar bones are best feature so I love how off shoulder tops highlight them. Since this skirt is so fitted I like the extra volume in these sleeves because they add a little more dimension to my silhouette. It’s all about playing with different proportions.

Plot twist! This skirt is actually a tunic. I started to pick up the trend of wearing my shirts backwards a few fashion weeks ago, but I’m bringing it back for this spring/summer! I think wearing it as a skirt and tying the sleeves in the back adds a lot more texture and makes it much more unique. Not to mention I have the option of wearing it as a regular top whenever I want! The stripes are also super flattering and this top is perfect for the warmer weather whether it be worn as a skirt or a top! The key thing to pulling off your tunic as a skirt is for it to be off the shoulder and to have sleeves long to tie around your waist.


Photography by Karen Rosalie

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