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6 Instant Ways to Make Your Home More Glamorous

Your home is your palace, so why shouldn’t it be glamorous? I’m so excited to have Kathy Kuo back on the blog to show us her 6 instant ways to make your home more glamourous! If you’ve missed her last few posts, be sure to check them out here and here. Enjoy!

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1. Layer with Sheepskin

Throwing one of our Veruca sheepskin furs over a chair (or an ottoman or coffee table—feel free to get creative) is a simple steer that’ll instantly elevate your home. We really love the luxe look of our ivory and taupe colors. Sheepskin looks great when it’s used to soften a hard, modern chair, or when paired with chic acrylic furniture. 

photo via kathykuohome.com

2. Choose Custom Fabrics

Did you know we offer a full shop of custom upholstery furniture? Many furniture frames look similar (although, if you want to learn the difference, check out our guide on sofa silhouettes we wrote for Chriselle here), but choosing a custom fabric gives your space a bespoke quality that reads high glamour. It also allows you more opportunity to express yourself and your design creativity! Need some inspiration? Check out our First Lady lookbook for a sophisticated look full of custom modern furniture.


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3. Puddle Your Drapes

Hang your beautiful curtains incorrectly, and it’s like having a glamorous outfit … but the pants are too short. For an ultra-glamourous window look, choose extra long curtains with the curtain rod installed about 20” above the frame, and let the fabric puddle naturally on the floor for an impressive dramatic effect.

left image via Architectural Digest
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4. Invest in a Chandelier

We frequently get asked what pieces of furniture are worth investing in, and it truly depends on your space and design needs. But if you’re going for glamour, the answer is definitely a chandelier. A room will immediately feel ornate and elegant, and if you go for crystals, they’ll capture light exquisitely. Not quite sure how to buy the right chandelier? Read our Chandelier Cheat Sheet. And if a huge chandelier isn’t in the budget, you’d be surprised what a miniature chandelier can do in a hallway, kitchen, or walk-in closet. 


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5. More Than One Mirror

If you read our article on how to make a small space look bigger, you’ll remember that mirrors are great for opening up a space and making it appear spacious. Well, it just so happens that they also make a room feel more glamorous. One of our favorite looks is to create a mirror gallery incorporating several different shapes and finishes for true wow factor.