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Best Scented Candles – CINCteam Approved Favorites

A great smelling candle is the cherry on top for any room.

Burning a candle is the easiest, most effective, and most affordable way to bring ANY room together. Smell is the unseen element of style, either personally with your perfume or in your home with a candle! Scent is one of your strongest scents and is one of the easiest ways to recall memory. I can still tell you what my dad’s sweaters would smell like, or the perfume my mom used when I watched her get ready in the morning!

The best-scented candles, no matter the room you burn them in, can instantly make you feel at home and give your space the pièce de résistance.

Just like perfume, your signature candle scent is very personal – but the CINCteam and I wanted to share our favorites! Keep scrolling to check the best-scented candles, and read my tips on how to properly take care of them!



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Take Care of Your Candles

So let’s say you dropped some serious coin on a nice candle. You’ll want to make sure you take care of them, right? Here are some tips on how to make sure you get the most out of your candles:

1. Get the Tools

Having the proper wick trimmer and candle snuffer can make all the difference! This set from Amazon is only $15 and has everything you need to give your candles the TLC they need!

2. Trim Your Wicks

Before you light your candles, be sure to trim the wick! It’s better for the burn and avoids smoke.

3. Burn Evenly

The first time you burn a candle, be sure to have an even burn – all the way to the jar! This helps prevent candle tunneling and ensures you get the most out of every drop of wax.

4. Keep it Clean

Be sure to keep the wax clean. Discard trimmed wicks, make sure nothing falls into the jar… etc!


Under $50 Faves


Do you have a signature scent you love for your place? Drop a comment down below and let us know!

Photography by Karla Ticas