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5 Tips to Make Your Home Pinterest Worthy

Pinterest is probably one of the most inspiring places on the internet. From fashion to home, who doesn’t want their life to look like a Pinterest board? I’m so excited to have Kathy Kuo back on the blog to give us her 5 tips to make your home Pinterest worthy. If you missed her last few posts, check them out here and here!

featured image via kathykuohome.com
above image via House Beautiful

Style Your Shelves

Shelving is an essential storage need, but it’s the way in which you display your belongings that demonstrates your design finesse—and it’s the key to making your home photo-friendly for Pinterest or Instagram. The first step is to edit. Get rid of anything you don’t like or haven’t used in more than a year. Then group books together into small stacks by size or color, and place them vertically or horizontally with a decorative object on top. Remember to keep your shelf balanced. Don’t overcrowd, and follow a color palette. Follow these rules and you’ll have yourself a seriously styled bookcase perfect for Pinterest. Need some inspiration? Shop our moody bookcase look here.


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right image via Atlanta Homes Magazine

Clean the Windows

It might seem a bit silly, but cleaning the windows is always one of our go-to spring refresh tips. It totally transforms a space, and it’ll also liven your home to give it that “light and bright” look we see all the time (and LOVE) on Pinterest. Think about it. Have you ever seen a dirty window in a magazine or on Pinterest? We haven’t either. Our go-to DIY window cleaner? 2 cups water, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of your favorite dish detergent.


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right image via onekindesign.com

Curate the Coffee Table 

In reality, the coffee table is mostly used set your drink down and put your feet up. But on Pinterest, you’ll notice that every living room has a beautifully styled coffee table. When the cameras come out, curate your coffee table so that it’s stylish and ready for company. Need some help? Read our 5 Secrets to Styling a Coffee Table we wrote for The Chriselle Factor a few weeks back!


image via architecturaldigest.com

Never Forget Flowers

Finding a frequently-pinned interior design without flowers would be very difficult to find. Flowers and plants are a staple to staging your home to look magazine-level professional. They add a fresh pop of color, give your space a natural element, and they make your home look lived in while remaining picturesque.


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right image via lonny.com

Go for a Gallery Wall

Read over our 7 Tips on How To Hang Wall Art, and collage together a salon-style gallery wall to bring out your unique personality. It’s a fun DIY project anyone can tackle. Just choose your favorite photos, artwork, and wall décor, and start with the biggest pieces first to create your focal points. Gallery walls aren’t only trendy. They add creativity to your home and photograph well for Pinterest!