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5 Secrets to Styling Your Coffee Table

There are so many options for decorating your coffee table, so I’m so excited to have Kathy Kuo back to share with us her 5 secrets to styling your coffee table! Be sure to check out her other posts here and here! Enjoy!

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1. Start with a Tray

It may seem too simple, but trays are the quick and easy solution to coffee table organization. Trays corral items and decor into a single, pretty shape and transform a potential mess into something visually neat. And they don’t have to be boring! Choose a tray with bone-inlay or a mirrored bottom to add detail to your look. What should you put on your tray? Flowers, coasters, candles and small books are some of our go-to options, but the possibilities are endless!

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2. Add Vertical Versatility

We typically choose a vase with some of our favorite flowers, but you can choose a jar or any other vessel you like. The idea is to choose a tall item that will contrast with the horizontal tray. Another tip: do not choose something straight and cylindrical—it’s boring. Choose a vertical item with an interesting silhouette.

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3. Choose Stylish Storage

There are some coffee table accessories that aren’t super stylish … You guessed it: the remote controls for the television and electronics. But this design dilemma is easily solved with a decorative box that looks great and also hides anything you don’t want out and about when you have guests over. (Just make sure to measure the length of your remotes so you’ll know they’ll fit properly!)

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4. Something Sculptural

Now this is the fun part. Just like every coffee table needs a horizontal tray and a vertical vase, every coffee table is in need of a fun, sculptural item that brings the table to life. Whether it’s a Buddha figurine or a brass thumbs-up (some of our personal favorites) choose something that shows your unique personality!

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5. Good Reads, Great Covers

When it comes to styling a coffee table, you can throw the old saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” out the window. Choose books with bright and bold colors and covers to add diversity and a pop of color to your space. Or choose all black and white coffee table books for a super sophisticated look. Whatever you decide, make sure to consider the color palette of the entire room.

Want to get started? See our coffee table styling shopping list below!

1. Matte Gold Vase Trio

2. Okay Sign Sculpture

3. Set of 3 Champagne Vases

4. Decorative Box

5. Design Books

6. Diamond Cut Vase

7. Buddha Head Sculpture

8. Studded Boxes

9. Striped Box

10. Circle Tray

11. Brass Urchin Set

12. Bone Tray