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4 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Home

Giving your home a personalized element is one of my favorite home style tips, which is why I’m so happy to have Kathy Kuo back on the blog to share 4 easy ways to personalize your home. Check out her last few posts here and here! Enjoy!

Add a Reading Nook 

No matter how beautiful or modern, the best interiors are cozy and inviting. Find an alcove or section in your living room or bedroom, and create the perfect spot to curl up with a good book. All you need is a big comfortable chair, a fuzzy throw, a floor lamp or task light to give you proper lighting, and a bench to prop your feet up. Throw in a candle holder for reading by candlelight, and you’ve created an irresistible reading nook perfect for any book lover.  

Buy a Bar Cart 

If you’ve ever been the hostess, you probably already have a designated area for the cocktails. But instead of setting up the drinks on a table or island in the kitchen, style a bar cart to your own personal tastes and have a drink station that can be pushed into any room as needed and tucked away in a corner when it’s not! Once you have one, you won’t go back to hosting any other way. Need some help on how to style a bar cart? Read more in our Bar Cart Essentials.

Make Your Bar Cart a Barista   

If your first stop every morning is the local coffee shop, consider turning the bar cart from the previous tip into an at-home coffee cart. Not only will you get to enjoy your coffee while still in your pajamas, but you could end up saving lots of money in the long run. Make sure to add your favorite mugs and ceramics and trays to give the cart a very curated and eclectic look that’ll add personality and charm to your home.

Wall Art

Nothing defines your home’s personality more than the art you choose to hang on the walls. Whether you opt for something bright and whimsical, something coastal, or something more sleek and modern, make sure to choose artwork that is a reflection of your own design style. And it doesn’t just have to be framed art! Don’t be afraid to add your favorite photos, sculptural wall art, or treasures from your personal travels on to the walls of your home. Need some more help? Read our 7 Tips on How To Hang Wall Art.