Outfits 6 years ago

Power Color

Red rover red rover … she did it again. Another all red monochrome fashion week outfit! Do you guys have a power color that you naturally gravitate towards? Red is obviously mine. Besides the fact that it compliments my skin tone, it makes me feel powerful, confident, and strong. I believe that color therapy is a real thing!

I wore this full Barbara Bui look to her FW 2016 show. The worst thing about winter fashion week? The weather. The best thing? The weather. Although I prefer my warm California sunshine, I love the opportunity to play with layers. Originally, I planned to wear this outfit with just the printed jacket (similar here) on top of the red blouse. But when I realized that it was way too freezing for just that, I added a studded red leather jacket by Nour Hammour (similar here) underneath. Another cool thing about this outfit? The belt/bag situation. It’s actually a harness that is connected to a belt that I was also able to connect a little bag to. Not gonna lie there’s a lot going on here! But during fashion week, I like to experiment and play more than usual. I like to call my fashion week looks exaggerated everyday looks. Essentially that’s what fashion week is about, your personal style! It’s not about doing anything crazy, it’s about sticking to what you would usually wear and adding an extra little something to mix it up. So that’s my secret to dressing for fashion week … it’s all about elevating your everyday look. Just adding a little sparkle to what you would normally wear!

I’m so happy to be back at work in LA and spending time with my Chloe Bear! Have a great week everyone!


Photography by Karen Rosalie