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5 Currently Trending Materials in Interior Design

Mixing textures is one of my favorite ways to accessorize my outfits, but I also love to incorporate the technique into my home! Kathy is back showing us the 5 currently trending materials in interior design! Be sure to check out Kathy’s top 5 must have pieces for your bedroom and let me know which trending material is your favorite!

featured image via Zero Ten Design
left image via Pinterest
right image via mydomaine.com

1. Marble 

It’s almost impossible these days to walk into a modern home without seeing marble…and there’s a very good reason for that! Marble is a classic material that’s been around for centuries, and it’s a choice that’s always going to be in style for interiors. The unique striations that form in the stone offer a beautiful gleam that is distinct to each individual piece. In the kitchen, marble countertops are both chic and highly functional, or choose a marble backsplash for a visual feast as soon as you walk in. But marble shouldn’t be limited to the kitchen. A coffee table with a marble top instantly elevates a living room, or add in marble decor for some subtle luxury. After all, nothing says refined like a pair of marble bookends.

image via House Beautiful

2. Copper 

A warm metallic touch brings coziness and light to your home, and one of the top trending choices this year is copper. A copper pendant is one of our favorite ways to add muted glamour to a kitchen or dining room while being less flashy than silver or gold. Copper also serves as the perfect accent if you’re mixing metals. For a refresh on mixing metals, check out our article from a few weeks back!

image via Noel Dempsey Design

3. Reclaimed Wood 

This recycled material is great for any modern space (and it’s also great for the environment). While we obviously love hardwood floors, flooring and ceiling beams are not the only ways to use this material (although we 110% approve). Bookshelves, desks, and tables are also incredible for adding a natural element to your design. Remember that reclaimed wood doesn’t have to be rustic. Pair with iron or metals for a modern, industrial feel, or whitewash the wood for a coastal, shabby chic look.

image via The Design Co

4. Fur

Fur is the easiest way to add luxury and ease to the home. In fact, we just released a brand new assortment of fur rugs and pillows in response to the growing trend. A fur pillow tossed on a couch or bed brings softness and comfort, and a plush fur rug will ground the area in a rich feel.

image via The Chriselle Factor

5. Florals 

Floral print upholstery is in right now, but we actually mean greenery direct from nature. Taking natural materials and bringing them inside is a great way to have a well-balanced interior that feels both organic and refined. Florals are also our go-to choice if a room needs a fun pop of color. And if you just don’t have a green thumb, you can always go faux.