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5 Bedroom Must Haves

Your bedroom is your sanctuary so it’s important to fill it with the things you love! I know I always look forward to coming home to my bedroom after a long day at work. From comfy bedding to pillows, I’m so excited to have Kathy Kuo back on the blog to share her 5 Bedroom must-haves! Be sure to check out her tips for getting a light and airy bedroom, and how to incorporate pink into your home! Hope you guys enjoy!

image via Veranda Magazine
featured image via Susan Glick Interiors

1. A Comfy Rug:

There’s nothing like stepping out of bed in the morning and feeling your feet sink into a soft and plush rug. It’s such a warm and inviting way to begin your day that it’s one of our must-haves for a great bedroom. But besides saving you from the chill of the hardwood, rugs also frame your bed and ground the bedroom space. For the master bedroom, there are two looks that work well: the rug extended about 36″ from each side and the foot of the bed (our personal preference) or 36″ from each side of the bed with the rug ending at the footing. When you’re shopping, the standard sizes to look for are 8’x10′ (for a queen bed) or 9’x12′ (for a king bed). If you need more measuring help, feel free to check out our rug guide.

2. Quality Bedding:

It can be strange to think about, but about one-third of your life is spent sleeping. That’s roughly 25-30 years! This is why our second bedroom must-have is quality bedding. Spend money on quality sheets and linens that are durable yet soft to the skin. Our tip here is to worry about the sheet fabric over the thread count. The phrase “thread count” gets tossed around all the time, but all it really means is the number of threads per square inch of fabric. Having a high thread count doesn’t help the quality and texture of bedding if the fabric is low quality. Instead, save to invest in Egyptian cotton sheets (all-white, of course).

left image via decorpad.com
right image via Michelle Wenitsky Interior Design

3. The Right Amount of Pillows:

One of the biggest design mistakes we see in the bedroom is too few or too many pillows (normally the latter). You want your bed to look sumptuous, but you don’t want your bed-making to be a twenty-minute endeavor. Four to six pillows tend to work best with an additional accent pillow thrown in to vary the texture or add in some color.

left image via kathykuohome.com
right image via kathykuohome.com

4. A Place to Sit:

Although this may seem obvious, many people forget to include a place to sit (that’s not the bed) when designing the bedroom. Choose an elegant chair or place a bench at the foot of the bed. Bedroom seating is great for reading, putting on shoes, using your laptop, or chatting with a friend without disturbing you bed. Treat you bed as a sanctuary for sleep.

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5. Something You Love:

A bedroom is not complete without a little piece of you, which is why our final must-have is more open ended. It can be a fabulous art piece you found while gallery hopping, an amazing accessory you know you’ll keep forever, or just your own photos or keepsakes. Your bedroom is where you sleep every night and what you wake up to each morning, so fill it with things that inspire you and make you happy.