Outfits 9 years ago

First Day in Paris

My first outfit back in Paris for Fashion Week was totally inspired by one of my favorite decades in fashion, the 70’s! The 70’s trend was huge all throughout the spring/summer season and I’m so happy it’s carried into the Fall. Something about wearing a cozy turtleneck with a leather jacket and flared trousers makes me feel so chic and polished. And how cool is this belt? When I saw this Stella belt I knew I had to get it because it’s definitely a statement piece that ties my outfit together! (Similar option here!) These flared jeans (and trousers!) are my favorite silhouette for this season. They can be really intimidating at first, but when you find the right pair, they can make you look twice as tall and twice as lean!

Something about being back in Paris was just so inspiring. Besides being anywhere with my family, Paris is one of my favorite places in the world. Between the amazing architecture, the stylish people and the amazing food, inspiration is around every corner! And where else could you have a banana & Nutella crepe from a street vendor in the middle of the night? I think the worst part about Paris was that I was away from my Chloe Bear for so long! But one day I’ll definitely bring her with me!

How do you feel about the 70’s trend? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great day, everyone!


Photography by Karen Rosalie