LIFESTYLE 6 years ago

5 Apps to be More Productive in 2016

As we’re finishing up January, I’m completely back into the full swing of things. New videos, new shoots & amazing event like the Golden Globes and now Paris with Chloe! I’m very excited about everything coming up this year and if it’s even possible, life just seems to get crazier with every day. Between being a working mom & producing content- I’m so thankful to have all the help I can get from my amazing team and supportive family. If you guys remember my blogpost from last year, you know I’m constantly on my phone & I rely on technology a lot. Amazing apps like Alarmed and Asana helps me to keep track of all the things on my work load as well as remind me of where I need to be. Trust me, it’s not easy to remember all your appointments on top of being a working mom! This year is all about balance & being the most productive I can be. Here are the five apps I use to be more productive!

1. Google Calendar

I manage everything on Google Calendar. I make a point to schedule all of my appointments, meetings and work things on the app as soon as they come in. That way, I can see exactly what I have to do for the day. It’s color coordinated so I can easily separate my tasks by category. I also use this app to check what’s on my editorial calendar. My whole team is shared on the calendar so we can keep track of each other and plan ahead!

2. Drop Box

This is the best app for transporting photos from my computer to my phone. When I feature images from my phone on my blog, I upload them to my drop box. That way I can access the images from my phone with my computer. It’s also a great way to share images with brands who request them and to share photos with my team. I love how Dropbox is not just limited to photos but documents & videos as well. It’s also really important to have things saved externally and not just on your computer because you never know what might happen!

3. Alarmed

You guys already know about the app ‘reminders’ that is a default app on your iPhone, but Alarmed is great because it separates all your tasks into to different categories. Everything from work to home to even groceries. The best thing about this app is the alarm option because you can set it to continuously ring until you turn it off, which is great for procrastinators! For me, even if I do set an alarm, I’ll just turn it off and then forget all about it. So this is a great way to get everything finished for sure. I used to write tasks and reminders down in a notebook but I’m trying to consolidate everything to one place. What ends up happening is I have a to-do list on my notebook, phone and laptop & it just becomes too chaotic!

4. Whatsapp

While this is a great app for texting with friends both near and internationally, it’s also a great way to coordinate with people across the world. A few months ago, there was an incident when the blog crashed while I was away for fashion week. Luckily, I was able to use Whatsapp to contact my developer immediately to fix the problem. My team and I also use it when we’re out of the States to communicate with friends and family back home. Especially now that we are in Paris, the only messenger app I use is Whatsapp to set up meetings and coordinate with everyone!

5. Asana

Asana is a lifesaver. It helps me keep track of all the work projects I need to get done & it’s great because you can add a description and invite people to view and contribute to the various projects. It’s great to keep everyone in the loop about the status of what needs to get done. It also hooks up to your gmail account, and can send you push reminders about when things are due, and if someone leaves a comment on one of the tasks! It’s great for work environments.

I’m really trying to have more of a balance this year but of course I’m the type of person that’s always on the go and with way too many things to juggle at once. So if you’re like me and are constantly on your phone, the best way to optimize productivity is to utilize the apps available to us! Share some of your tips that you use to maintain a productive day!


Photography by Karen Rosalie