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Outfits 2 years ago

Golden Globes 2016

Most of you know I attended my very first Golden Globe Awards yesterday and I’m not sure if I can even put my experience into words. It was probably the most glamorous and star-studded event I’ve ever been to and I’m still at a loss for words. Well I guess we should start off with my dress, right? A few days ago, I asked my snapchat followers to vote for their favorite dress and this gorgeous Ralph Lauren gown won! I love the understated glamour of the gown and how effortless it was. Though I wanted to go for a huuuuge ball gown, I also wanted to respect the nominees that were there so I opted to wear something that was a bit more understated yet still beautiful, and this gown was perfect. Although social media had mixed feelings… I felt extremely beautiful and comfortable and very happy with my choice. Maybe next time around I’ll pull out that ball gown… Haha. My favorite part about the dress was that it allowed me to play with my accessories, which was just what I wanted at my fitting with Tiffany & Co. I found the most fabulous statement necklace along with gorgeous 2 statement bracelets that I stacked on my wrists. To top it all off added this stunning Judith Leiber clutch to complete the look.

I was invited attend the Golden Globes by L’Oréal Paris and was so happy to spend the whole day in glamour with them. I love that L’Oréal was promoting their campaign #worthsaying during the Globes… Encouraging women on the red carpet to talk about something meaningful and inspirational beyond just the glitz and the glamour. So to end this post I wanted to share with you something that is #worthsaying- often times beauty is defined by how we look or what we wear, but know that true beauty is revealed beyond it all. It’s about how we feel about ourselves once we are naked and stripped down from all the fancy clothes and makeup. When you feel beautiful in your own skin… That’s when you’ve captured the true essence of loving yourself. And from there, beauty and fashion will only enhance what already makes you uniquely beautiful.

And remember that I was once a college girl with a big dream! No one would’ve ever been able to convince me that I would be here doing what I do… not to mention attending the Golden Globes. A big dream with a lot of hard work and patience can get you to where you want to be. Time to hustle! Happy Monday!


Photography by Karen Rosalie
Hair & Makeup by Sunnie Brook
Nails by Karen G

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Golden Globes 2016

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