Outfits 8 years ago

Growing Up in Korea

Some of you may know this as I’ve talked about it in a past youtube video, but I actually spent the better part of my childhood in Korea. Being a Korean-American living in Korea was quite difficult as a child. Back then, my Korean wasn’t very good. My parents put me in foreign school, and I was thankful for the experience of being able to make English speaking friends. At the same time, my parents had me in a Korean school to learn the language, which I was not a fan of. Learning Korean was the last thing I wanted to do. I just wanted to play with my friends! As of now, I’m semi-fluent because I’ve been taking Korean lessons as an adult. Especially now that I’m a mom and Chloe is half Chinese and half Korean, I want her to be in touch with all of her cultures, including being American! I’d love for her to learn as many languages as she can! Hopefully she’ll listen better than I did…

This collared dress reminded me of a preppy school-girl outfit, which instantly brought me back to the uniforms I had to wear as a child! I hated them at the time, but it’s funny how much inspiration I draw from them now! I paired them with these great ankle boots to give them a little edge. The best part about wearing flat boots with a dress is that it adds a cool element to your outfit while still being super comfortable. Perfect for sight-seeing!

Have a great Friday everyone!


Photography by Karen Rosalie