Fashion 9 years ago

What's Your Style // BTS Smashbox Studios

I’m so excited to show you guys some BTS (Behind the Scenes) shots from a really special project!

Ever since I’ve been going to school, I’ve felt like I had to fit in some where (as most people do when they’re younger). Looking back, I wish I could’ve had more confidence in myself. I was tall and lanky and didn’t grow into my body until college. I was really self conscious and I always felt like an outcast, never really fitting in. Although I wish I didn’t care about how I looked back then, I believe that everyone goes through something for a reason. Through my insecurities, I was really able to experiment with my style and figure out what I like and who I am!

To be perfectly honest with you guys, I don’t feel like there’s anything wrong about wanting to fit into a certain crowd. Take the time experiment with different styles to discover yourself and your look! You’ll figure it out eventually!

That’s why I’m so excited to collaborate with Smashbox Studios to tell this story. When they approached me to do something for their “Made at Smashbox” I knew exactly what kind of video I wanted to do! I wanted to talk to my readers on the journey of where my style began. So, sit back, relax and let me tell you a little story.. Please don’t laugh at my “chola” phase when I shaved off all my eyebrows!


Photography by Karen Rosalie