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3 Eateries to Visit in Korea

Aside from having access to amazing skincare products, another reason why my team and I were so excited to visit Korea was because of the food! We often get to eat in Koreatown back in LA a lot, so you can imagine how excited I was to have my team experience authentic Korean food. So if you guys are planning on going to Korea, here are 3 of my favorite eateries you have to visit!

1. Ilhochic (일호식)

This was probably one of the best meals during this trip to Korea. We ordered so much that we couldn’t even finish it all! Located in Hannam-dong this restaurant is focused around simple and healthy food that combines Korean food with Japanese influences. The restaurant was originally started in Nonhyun-dong as an employee eatery. Because the food was so good, eventually it’s popularity grew by word-of-mouth! With their newfound popularity, the restaurant relocated to the Hannam-dong location. They have a perfect meal-to-go if you’re in a hurry as well as a convenient sit down venue. The decor is very minimalistic so all of the focus is on the food! We ordered several different set box menus to try as much as we could- and loved every bite!


2. Dadam (다담)

You guys have to come here for a traditional Korean meal experience! This restaurant is located in Cheongdam-dong and is an authentic Korean food restaurant. It’s best known for its multi-course menu of traditional Korean food. The entire restaurant has a very elevated and sophisticated environment. It’s a beautiful blend of traditional and modern design with a touch of luxury. The chefs source the best ingredients from all around the country, that change depending on the season. All the food is very carefully and lovingly prepared for the restaurant’s diners, and you can absolutely tell!

3. Dior Cafe

Situated in the heart of Gangnam, Dior cafe is definitely worth a trip. Dior cafe is reservations only so make sure you plan and call ahead! You have to go through the Dior store to get to the cafe, so you get to experience all the beautiful Dior pieces before taking the elevator up. Once you get up there you’re greeted with a wall of Dior illustrations and books. It was so beautiful, you really get a sense of Dior’s history. The cafe itself is very modern and quirky. We sat outside under these furry umbrellas and ordered the most delicious drinks and desserts. It also came in these fun tea sets! There’s nothing better than enjoying tea with your friends, especially when you’re traveling. I’ve also just become obsessed with this pink marble like table top, does anyone know where I can get one for my house? One of my favorite things about this place, was that the gourmet food and delicacies were prepared by the world famous French pastry chef Pierre Herme. It brought a little bit of my favorite city to my other favorite city!

There you have it, the 3 restaurants you have to visit in Korea!  Special thanks to Alicia from Peach and Lily who took us to these awesome gems. Let me know if any of you have already tried these places.  And even better, make your suggestions down below, I’m open to adding more eateries to my list of places to try.  Ha!  


Photography by Karen Rosalie