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3 Ways to Decorate a Console

When I began to redecorate my home, I really wanted to incorporate elements that add dimension. I added textures such a fur, house plants and a gorgeous rug to really give my house a homey feel. Another element I wanted to add was a console. Not only are they great for extra shelf space, but they can really complete a room. I love the console I have but the toughest part was figuring out how to decorate it! So here are my 3 ways to decorate a console!

1. Glam

Using gold accents and sleek coffee table books for the ultimate Glam console look! Mirrors are also great pieces to add to your home! They help reflect natural light to make your space appear larger!

There’s something so chic about gold accents. Using gold elements and clean looking coffee table books, I created this glam console look. When you add accessories to a space, remember the ‘Rule of 3’! Odd numbers add more visual interest and make a display look more put together! I propped up a large mirror to help bring your eyes up and round out the console.

2. Modern

I love adding modern monochromatic elements to my spaces! Keeping items in the same color scheme makes everything look organized and clean. Add in some greenery to add interest, too!

For this console look, I wanted to create a very modern and minimalist feel. I used a lot of white accessories, but used succulents to add a pop of color! I love incorporating natural elements like plants or flowers when I decorate, they really liven a space up! Using decorative elements that have different textures within the same color scheme add interest and can really help break up a monochromatic environment!

3. Beachy

This one is for all my Cali-lovers! I created this console look with the easy breezy vibes of California’s beaches in mind. Using elements such as coral and greenery bring in tons of texture and visual interest. I also used this hammered metal tray to hold some coffee table books. Trays are a great decorating tool because they can be used for so many things! You can have coral & books on it one minute, and drinks and snacks the next! I also loved adding in this Gray Malin print to tie in the theme!

Consoles are great pieces to have in your home. They’re so versatile! You can change up the theme just by switching out a few accessories. They’re also a great way to express yourself and your personal style. Along with being an extra display space, they add a lot of dimension. I have this one in my living room, but consoles are great for any room in your house! This console is called the Caspian Global Bazaar White Weathered Hoof Leaf Console Table and it’s from Kathy Kuo ​Home!

Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


Photography by Karen Rosalie