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DIY Hanging Plants

I’ve been seeing geometric vases everywhere lately, and instead of going out and spending hundreds of dollars on new home decor this season, I’m going to show you guys how to make them yourselves! Once again I’m partnering up with the amazing Shawna Yamamoto (who brought you guys this beautiful spring vases tutorial) for the newest installment of DIY home decor!

Materials you’ll need: Garden Trellis, Gold Spray-paint, Wire Cutters, Zip Ties

Step 1: 

Bend the metal in half (bending it at the lower half point might be easier than starting at the top!) & spray-paint once you are done. Repeat the process for a second metal wire. Leave out to dry for around 15 minutes or so, and spray paint again to make sure you get an even coat!

Step 2:

Fit the two halves over each other to complete the shape. Secure it with a ziptie marked by the x’s for a secure geometric shape!

Step 3: 

Cut the zipties & spray paint them so they blend seamlessly together. Touch up on wherever else you may need to for a polished geometric container.

Step 4:

Carefully insert your air plants & feel free to bend the bottom wires inward in order to secure the plants if you have to!

And voila.. you have a beautiful hanging plant for your house!

Since there isn’t a water source, this is perfect for air plants! Not to mention they’re super low maintenance!

But if you’re hosting a dinner party or luncheon, I recommend adding in a brighter flower for the day. Just be careful to put it in water after after as there is no water source for these flowers. These vases are also great for drying flowers such as roses!

Photography by Karen Rosalie

What do you guys think, isn’t this DIY super easy to do with chic results? Will you guys be trying this DIY at home? Don’t forget to add this to your Pintrest (or re-pin them from here) for future home projects!