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DIY Spring Vases

Is your home ready for all things warm and sweet for this spring? Today I’ve partnered with Shawna Yamamoto again (you might remember the amazing V-Day tutorial she showed us earlier this month) to bring you guys a simple DIY for spring vases! This is such a simple DIY but these beautiful little vases can make your home look so elegant and expensive!


Juice/Water Bottle, Water, Gloves, Clear plastic tubes (glass ones can be used as well), Masking tape, Powder cement, Spray paint and Flowers

Step 1: Mix the cement!

Be careful when mixing this because it tends to get a little smoky as you’re pouring the water into the cement. I’d definitely recommend doing this outdoors.. (especially if you have a baby in the house!) As you mix, you’ll find that the cement gets lumpy so just mix it until it becomes a smooth consistency! (Who knew cement would be so easy to make right?)

Step 2: 

Drink the juice or water and cut the bottle/carton in half! (This DIY is perfect for me since I love my coconut water!) The tube is so you can insert the flower into the vase, so just put the tube into anywhere you’d like in the cement. If you want them to be a little crooked, you can also insert the tube slanted or off to the side as well. (Note that it doesn’t matter which size tube, any works!)

Step 3: 

Since the cement is super wet, you’ll find that when you put the tube into the cement it’ll just come right back up! So use your masking tape and tape that sucker down.

Let your vase dry and carefully remove the carton! (Do NOT remove the tube, that’s so you can add water for your plant!) Now here comes the fun part .. spray painting it gold! The cement absorbs the gold paint very easily too so unlike the cement, the gold paint will dry very quickly!

And viola!

We also did the same process with a water bottle for the pretty ridges!

Photography by Karen Rosalie

A huuuge thanks once again to the creative Shawna for teaching me and my team this tutorial! We had a gold spray painting field day at the office. (And of course Chloe was at home safe from the fumes.) Did you guys like this DIY? Do you guys want to see more DIY tutorials in the future for your home? Share with me your thoughts in the comments below!