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Outfits 4 years ago

Tie Back Crop Top & Linen Pants

I’m happier than I could ever be right now. For those of you that follow me on snapchat already know why i’m so extremely happy right now. I got a phone call from Allen the other night and he said that he had a “surprise” for me. Surprises has always provoked an uneasy feeling of anxiety for me, and I wasn’t sure what to think of it. Soon to find out that he bought tickets for him and Chloe to come visit me in Nee York! He knew how exhausted i’ve been these past few days from working (it’e been NONSTOP!), and how sad I was without Chloe. I literally shrieked and thought he was lying when he first told me. Needless to say, it was not a joke because they are here next to me fast asleep as I write this blog. Although I was extremely excited , i’m not going to lie, I kind of freaked out by the fact that it was Chloe’s first plane ride. Allen said she cried a bit in the beginning, but for the most part was sound asleep in his arms. I’m feeling incredibly  grateful right now, and my heart is just over pouring with joy!

Anyways you may recall my post on high waisted pants, and how they are extremely flattering for my postpartum body, right? (You can read the article HERE) Well, here I am wearing the EXACT same high waisted linen pants once again. (no shame on repeating the same outfit within a week timeframe!) I just haven’t found a better pair of bottoms that flatter my body shape like these.  Another obsession of mine are unexpected backs- such as this Tie Back Crop Top.  I love discovering unique pieces, so when I found out that the front of this shirt looked like the back, and the back of this shirt looked like the front… I knew I needed it in my closet.  The back of this top  has a traditional kimono style wrap, and  that is really what  sold me!

I can’t believe that it’s already friday and that i’ve been in New York for the past week already! Now that Allen and Chloe are’s all play and no work! Make sure to follow me on snapchat so you can follow Chloes first adventure in the big apple!

Happy Friday!


Photography by Karen Rosalie

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Tie Back Crop Top & Linen Pants

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