Outfits 6 years ago

Linen Trousers & Tweed Jacket

You guys might remember me wearing this outfit on Monday for my afternoon tea!

So lets talk about denim for a second. I’ve always been a skinny jeans type of girl until I gave birth! Of course I will still occasionally wear them (usually only in black), but real talk? Skinny jeans don’t fit me like they used to. I’ve received a number of Instagram comments such as “OMG how did you bounce back so quick?” or ” You look thinner than you were pre baby!”.  Not gonna lie….these comments DO make me feel better at times, but more importantly I felt like I needed to address this important message: My body is not the same anymore. Although I have lost most of the weight I gained during my pregnancy, there are things that just have changed that are out of my control- my hips have widened, my breasts are lopsided (from nursing), and there is this loose pudge on my belly that I can’t seem to get rid of (they say it’s loose skin from your belly stretching during pregnancy). Some of you may not believe me, but that’s only because I rather not show those areas off on Instagram. The truth is we only believe in what we see on our Instagram feed, and forget that there is a real live human being behind that screen. It’s amazing what perfectly styled outfits & the right filters can do. The past few months i’ve struggled to accept these changes, but at the same time it has encouraged me to try different silhouettes that work for my new body. Going back to what I was saying- skinny jeans just don’t fit the same anymore! That is why I’ve been Obsessed, with a capital O, with high waisted trousers, jeans, skirts, skorts, and everything in between.  I initially purchased these pinstriped Marc By Marc Jacobs linen trousers thinking I could only wear them a few times, but NO i’ve worn them at least once a week since i’ver purchased them. High waisted bottoms seem to emphasize  my small waist, and conceal the extra loose skin/pudge in my midsection, and also skims over my enlarged hips instead of suffocating them. You might remember a similar high waisted pair from 7 FAM that I recently wore over the weekend HERE. Yup, my new BFF. She hides & conceals all my biggest secrets!

I also purchased these beautiful sunnies from Celine that remind me of Jackie O, one of my all time favorite style icons. This outfit was inspired by an  updated suit look popular in the 60’s. Another item that has been on major repeat? This Iro tweed blazer. I especially love it for its light weight material. I also recently received this beautiful and dainty “mommy” necklace from Tawnie and Brina. It has not only become one of my staples for layering my necklaces, but also a small reminder that being a mommy is one of life’s greatest joys even if it means no sleep and weird body changes. There is nothing more powerful and beautiful than loving yourself and your body!

Happy Friday!



Photography by Karen Rosalie