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Outfits 3 years ago

Blush Crop Top & High Waisted Trousers

I wore this outfit once in New York and I decided to wear it again yesterday because 1. it was #NationalPinkDay , and 2. I received so many compliments and smiles when I first initially wore it. Of course when wearing head to toe pink it must be done tastefully because you don’t want to end up looking like a walking easter egg. I prefer to work with more masculine silhouettes when wearing such a feminine color. I love the lightweight silhouette of these trousers…the perfect summer work pant! You can easily dress it up with a crisp white button up and a pair of pumps, and your corporate ready, or you can pair it with a loose fitted crop top like I’m wearing.

I have always had a thing for dusty rose, but lately it has seem to take over my wardrobe! I find that it is super flattering on my skin tone and if you remember from my What to Wear to a Wedding post I wore this top with the matching skirt! I love versatile pieces and I can safely say I’ve worn the heck out of this top. (As also seen here!) I feel like I’ve been so anti-color lately because it’s just so easy and instantly chic to wear white or black. And when I do color, I find that I’ve been gravitating toward monochrome looks like pairing this blush crop top with blush pants. Not to mention silky materials are so much more comfortable and nursing friendly! I wish I had these high waisted trousers in different colors so I could just wear it throughout the week! I’m currently obsessed with high waisted anything and these trousers are not only super cute but super comfortable!

I also decided to add a little pop with my red clutch and add some structure with my current obsession, these patent white oxfords.. they seriously go with everything! Not to mention they clean up any look. I think it’s safe to say that I have a favorite outfit formula.. crop top + high waisted pants! Like I mentioned here, it’s an instant formula for me to look instantly taller and slimmer! Tag me in your favorite outfit formulas on instagram at Chrisellelim!


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Blush Crop Top & High Waisted Trousers

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