Outfits 9 years ago

Happy Mother's Day

They say that you don’t know how difficult it is to be a mom until you have a little one.. And now I know what they mean! Having my miscarriage, then being pregnant with Chloe, and learning to be a working mom and watching Chloe get bigger and more lively every day, now I realize how much it takes to bring another life into this world. So this year I’m spoiling my mom on Mother’s Day to show her how thankful I am for all the work and sacrifice she’s put into raising me and my sister.

You guys might remember me talking about Pandora’s jewelry and how I love that it can convey something special to your loved one (such as creativity) and especially in their new Mother’s Day collection, there’s so many beautiful pieces to choose from!

Some of my top picks include the heart bracelet that I am wearing in the photos. It’s delicate and the jewel studded heart is sweet and beautiful! I’m also a huge fan of Pandora’s rings, especially their infinity ring. This ring is intricate but I love the looping infinity signs with the jewel details. A mother’s love is forever, right? Another great piece is the rose ring that I am pairing with the infinity ring. This jewel encrusted rose ring is actually perfect for my mom as she loved to plant roses in our backyard while I was growing up. (And now roses are something I love having at my desk..) The best gifts are the ones that have sentimental value!

There’s very few collections that can make a mother feel loved and I’m thankful this year that I can collaborate with Pandora to share with you all (and my mom) all the special pieces that is available for Mother’s Day. This collection is delicate and feminine and evokes all the special things about motherhood, like my heart bracelet or the infinity ring! I don’t tell my mom nearly enough, but I know that she has done so much for me. Even though she was sick over the weekend she still made the flight out to celebrate Chloe’s 100th day with us! She’s such an incredible woman of strength and happiness, I really want to show her how much I appreciate her with a personalized jewelry piece. I’m encouraging you guys this Mother’s Day to get that perfect gift to warm your mom’s heart!


Photography by Karen Rosalie