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TRAVEL 4 years ago

7 Travel Beauty Essentials

Traveling is the best when it comes to seeing new & amazing sights, but if you’re not careful.. it can be awful on your skin! In a recent study it was found that flying leads to DNA damage and can actually age you? Especially when you’re dealing with time zones and different humidities, it’s really important to stay moisturized. When I travel I leave most of my products at home, but I try to bring products with me that can nourish and replenish the moisture my dry skin. Here are some products that I always pack in my carry-on !

1. Face Mask

There’s nothing more relaxing after a long day of meetings than resting in your hotel with a hydrating face mask & candles! Usually the first thing I do when I get to the hotel is put these masks in the mini-fridge so they’re fresh and cool for when I use them later that night. And if you guys have watched my snaps.. I also use the leftover serum in the bag as a night mask so when I wake up my face is nice and fresh!

Shop: Karuna Face Masks

2. BB Bounce Beauty Balm

Korean beauty products are my absolute favorite because they really focus on healthy, glowing, and natural looking skin. The problem I found with many of the korean BB creams is that they are incredibly lightweight and silky which leaves the face looking extremely fresh & dewy, but it generally lacks with the coverage department. I recently discovered the Dr. Jart+ BB cream which is not a korean brand per se, but was definitely inspired by korean produts. It has the same finish of dewy and glowy skin, but has ALOT more coverage than the average BB cream.   If I know I have meetings immediately when I land, I usually keep a BB compact in my carry-on so I can freshen up before I get off the plane. This product is great because it doesn’t weigh down on my skin (which would make it more dry) and gives me enough coverage and a fresh look!

Shop: Dr. Jart+

3. Laneige Sleeping Mask

If I have an early flight, I usually go on the plane without makeup. (You’ll find me in a big hat always!) I use the Laneige sleeping mask right when I get on the plane so it can start moisturizing my skin while I’m sleeping on the plane.

Shop: Laneige Sleeping Mask

4. Eye Masks

If you guys read my “sleeping beauty” post, you’d know that I am a huge fan of eye masks! Especially since I’m prone to dark circles, I need all the help I can get. These masks are great for relieving my tired eyes (especially since I wear contacts), so for traveling, these masks are lifesavers.

Shop: Eye Masks

5. Face Mist & 6. Dry Shampoo

I always always bring face mist with me when I’m traveling. It’s a great and super quick way to freshen up your skin after hours on a plane! This dry shampoo is also a great product to have with you when you’re traveling. My hair usually gets pretty flat from sleeping on it on the plane, so dry shampoo helps freshens and add more volume to my hair!

Shop: Drybar Triple Sec | Caudalie Beauty Elixir

7. Kate Somerville Liquid Lift

As you guys know, I’ve recently been obsessed with Kate Somerville products. Especially her DermalQuench Liquid Lift! It instantly hydrates and freshens my skin, so it’s definitely a great moisturizer to have with me when I’m traveling.

Shop: Kate Somerville Clinic Solutions Kit

And there you have it, the 7 must pack items for when I travel! What do you guys always have in your carry-on?

Photography by Karen Rosalie

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7 Travel Beauty Essentials

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