Beauty 9 years ago

What's In My Bag

Spilling the secret contents of my bag today!

1. Lip Color

A girl can never have too many lips in her bag right? I always like to carry around a backup lip color like this pink mac, and a gloss for photos. I recently got this Aerin lip conditioner and I’m in love with it because it already makes my lips so incredibly soft, and its so much prettier than carrying around a chapstick!

Lipgloss: Stila | Lip Conditioner: Aerin | Lipstick: Tom Ford 

2. Accessories

Usually I’d have more accessories in my bag .. but definitely one accessory I can’t live without are sunnies! Especially living in LA, and to hide my dark circles .. I always like to bring a pair of sunnies just in case! And a black face watch is so perfect for any outfit, it’s always great to bring along a versatile watch in case your outfit needs a little something extra.

Watch: Nixon | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

3. Liquids

Some liquids I can’t live without in my purse are definitely lotion, face mist & perfume! When I’m traveling, my face tends to get dry, so having this Evian face mist is great for hydrating my face after a long plane ride. And I love this little Chloe perfume bottle that I’ve been using to just dab on my wrist and neck to refresh my scent. It’s the perfect size for Chloe too.. (Not that she’d be allowed to wear perfume yet!)

Facial Water Spray: Evian | Hand creme: Laura Mercier | Fragrance: Chloe

4. Entertainment

I like bringing my ipad on meetings sometimes to show clients my styling work & not to mention it’s a lot easier to bring around than a laptop. I can also easily access my files using google drive and other apps that makes my life easier! I also like having a random book in my bag just to give my eyes a break from looking at the screens every so often. Recently I came across “It’s never too late” and I love how uplifting & inspirational it is. I haven’t finished it yet, but so far my favorite tip is, “It’s never too late…to push your boundaries.”

iPad Air 2 | Book: It’s Never Too Late | Phone: iPhone 6

5. Inspiration

I’ve told you guys before that I like to write things down because I’m so forgetful! I like making lists of things that I have to do for the day, or writing down my schedule so I know what to prepare for. I normally prefer a bigger notebook, but how cute is this Pretty Little Things notebook? It’s great for just making small notes and little reminders!

Pen: Sharpie Stainless Pen | Journal: Christian Lacroix | Small Notebook: Kate Spade

6. Makeup

Bringing a small clutch around with my makeup is an absolute must. Sometimes I can be out all day and I need to retouch my makeup from a day to night look! I love my Bobbi Brown brush set because it has all the brushes I could need! I like to pack a few of the main ones to bring with me everywhere — my powder & eyeshadow brush mainly. Some of my makeup I also bring are my NARS blush, and Chanel eyeshadow.

Makeup Up Brushes: Bobbi Brown | Eyeliner: Estee Lauder | Eyeshadow: Chanel | Blush: Nars | Pouch: Kate Spade

And there you have it .. some of the essentials I bring in my bag! No matter how many different bags I have, I always keep these essentials in them to help me get through the day!

Bag: Derek Lam 10 Crosby

And of course now I have another bag to worry about .. Chloe’s Diaper bag! Would you guys like to see what I keep in my mommy bag also?

Happy Tuesday!

Photography by Karen Rosalie