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5 Essential Bags

Hi loves,

Today we’re going to play a little quiz!Β With so many selections of purses in the world, it’s hard to know what the differences among them are. How do you know what are the purses you splurge on and what are the purses you need? To make it less confusing, I’ve narrowed it down to 5 bags that are essential for your closet. Let’s see if your closet has the essential 5!

The Going-Out Bag: Salvatore Ferragamo

Every girl should have this bag in her closet. This bag has the perfect amount of glam and polish and is versatile enough to wear when going out with your friends as well as dinner with your parents!

The Statement Bag: Moschino

Every girl needs a statement bag in her closet. A statement bag is unique and fun, but also plays an important role in your closet. It’s perfect for pairing basic outfits because a statement bag can spice up a simple outfit and give you that signature look!

The Work Bag: Bally

The bag you bring to work should be classy, understated, and polished. It’s also important for it to be big enough to be practical. I absolutely love my personally monogrammed Bally’s bag because it’s perfect for work but also the pop of color makes it chic and fun.

The Clutch: The Volon

Every girl needs a clutch for going out. I love that this leopard printed clutch also double functions as a laptop bag!

The Tote Bag: Graf & Lantz

The classic tote bag is perfect for running your every day errands or brunching at the farmers market on Sundays. It’s big enough for your day to day errands and still classic enough to look chic.

And there you have it! The 5 essential bags every girl should have in their closet!

How many of these did you score out of 5?

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