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Greek Yogurt in 7 Ways

Excited to announce a new series on The Chriselle Factor, and it’s all about HEALTH & FOOD! Not sure why it took me this long to come around to this subject, but I guess there’s no better timing as my pregnancy is about to end, and my new journey as a mother is about to begin. I’ve always been health conscious, but never did I believe in sacrificing all the yummy things out there just to watch my “diet”. It was when my sister Jane temporarily moved to LA where I discovered the beauty of not only eating healthy, but also having FUN with it. I’m definitely not one who is capable of whipping up a gourmet dinner, I mean….I can barely make a pancake without burning the whole house down! (I’m sure this will have to change once Chloe arrives.)  All these recipes and food related articles will be incredibly easy, and I promise if I can do it you can too (with your eyes closed).

I wanted to kick off this series with one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast- Greek yogurt! Besides the thick consistency and yummy taste, I could go on and on with the benefit of Greek yogurt- it’s packed with probiotics, a great source of protein, packed with B12, etc etc. But besides that it is incredibly versatile and makes for a heavenly, creamy treat! Since I’ve been pregnant, greek yogurt has been more than just a grab-and-go snack to default to when nothing is in reaching-distance. Now that I’m homebound more, I’ve had a lot more time to think of creative ways to add to my yogurt. Here are 7 ways to add a little more flavor to your greek yogurt in the morning, one for each day of the week!

PS. You might noticed my recommended fruit measurements are a bit higher (1 cup vs 1/4 cup) and that’s because I like to have my yogurt with a side of fruit! If you guys are only looking to add fruit into your yogurt, then feel free to substitute 1 cup for 1/4 cup.

Chocolate Pudding Greek Yogurt

Instructions: Mix greek yogurt with cocoa powder. Top with fresh fruit and other toppings to your liking.

Ingredients: 7 oz greek yogurt | 1 ½ tbsp cocoa powder | 1 cup fresh fruit (Your choice)

Cookie Dough Greek Yogurt

Instructions: Mix greek yogurt with peanut butter, honey and vanilla extract. Top with dark chocolate chips.

Ingredients: 7 oz. greek yogurt |  1 tbsp creamy peanut butter |  1 tbsp honey |  1/4 tsp vanilla extract | dark chocolate chips

Spiced Maple Apple Greek Yogurt:

Instructions: Mix greek yogurt with cinnamon and ½ tsp. maple syrup. Top with diced apples, chopped walnuts and the remaining ½ tsp. maple syrup.

Ingredients: 7 oz. greek yogurt 1/4 tsp. cinnamon | 1 tsp. maple syrup | 1 cup diced apples | chopped walnuts

Frozen Fruit Medley

Instructions: In a blender, pulse greek yogurt with frozen fruit and honey.

Ingredients: 7 oz. greek yogurt | 1 tsp. honey |  1 cup frozen fruit (a medley or fruit of your choice)

Banana Bread Greek Yogurt:

Instructions: Mix greek yogurt with mashed up banana, vanilla extract and honey. Top with walnuts and banana chips.

Ingredients: 7 oz. greek yogurt | 1 ripe banana | ¼ tsp vanilla extract | 1/4 tsp. honey |  Walnuts | Banana chips

Pumpkin Pie Greek Yogurt

Instruction: Mix greek yogurt with canned pureed pumpkin, maple syrup, and pumpkin pie spice. Top with granola and other toppings of your choosing.

Ingredients: 7 oz. greek yogurt | 1 tbsp. canned pureed pumpkin | 1 tsp. maple syrup | 1 pinch of pumpkin pie spice

Strawberry Shortcake Greek Yogurt

Instructions: Mix greek yogurt with ½ tsp of vanilla extract. In a separate bowl, mix sliced strawberries with a drizzle of agave and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Layer cup with greek yogurt mix, sweetened strawberries, angel cake and other toppings of choice.

Ingredients: 7 oz. greek yogurt | ½ tsp vanilla extract |  1 cup sliced strawberries | 1 tsp. agave nectar |  1 tsp. fresh squeezed lemon juice | 1 slice of Angel cake

And there you have it Greek Yogurt in 7 ways….Yumm! Which one are you guys most excited to try? Share with me in the comments!

Photography by Karen Rosalie