TRAVEL 7 years ago

Carry-on Essentials


 Pack for comfort.

1. Therapeutic Silk Sleep Mask  2. Gel (spa) socks 3. oversized sweater

When it comes to long flights it’s definitely an essential for me to carry comfort items. I don’t know about you guys but I always get cold on flights so I like packing a light sweater and socks to keep me warm. I love these particular socks because they are a Gel (spa) socks, which keeps your feet hydrated and silky smooth after the plane ride! I know that sometimes flights provide a sleeping mask, but I like to bring my own because this therapeutic silk sleep mask helps me fall asleep faster. I’m always looking for an excuse to turn the plane ride into a spa!

Pack for entertainment

1. Frends Headphones 2. Canon 3. Magazines & Books 4. Reading Glasses 5. iPhone

I can’t go anywhere without my phone and my latest issue of Vogue of course, but on long flights I can get really bored, so I like to keep my books, DSLR, and headphones on my carry-on just in case I want to use it. I also like to bring my valuables on my carry-on just so it’s always with me. I won’t be able to provide you guys with amazing travel photos if my camera got stolen!

Pack for beauty

1. Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger 2. Sleeping Pack Mask 3. Tarte Cheek Stain 4. EOS Lip Balm 5. Tootbrush & toothpast 6. A Clutch (to keep all my beauty products in) 7. Laneige BB Cushion 8. Keihls Eye De-Puffer 9. Carry on Perfume 10.  Blotting sheets 11. Avene Thermal Spring Spray 12. Dry Shampoo 13. Eye Drops  14. Advance Night Serum 15. Mints 16. My Contact Case

Last but not least, my beauty products! I’ve learned from thru my travels its important to fight off Jetlag from the plane. I discovered The Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger which is a remedy for jet lag, I usually drink it daily when traveling with hot water to fight off any jet lag or colds! It’s the magic potion! If I’m going to be sleeping on a flight, I always bring my sleeping mask, my Keihls Eye Depuffer, and of course my Avene thermal spring spray ( to keep my face constantly moisturized & misted)  . My dry shampoo is also a must-pack, because after sleeping against the seat, my hair tends to get flat. I also carry around minimal makeup with me such as my Tarte Cheek Stain, as I prefer a light dewy look when traveling. Also the Cheek stain is good to wear on the cheeks as well as the lips for that natural glow. I like to pack my beauty items into a clutch so that I can just take it out when I put my carry-on luggage overhead. It’s also a functional way to pack my clutch for later uses on my travels!

Now you’re all packed and ready to go, just make sure you have your passport! As i’m traveling this Thursday to The Bahamas to be a judge for the Miss Teen USA pageant , I will definitely be bringing all of the above with me! Bon voyage and happy traveling!