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Do you recall last summer when  I cut my bangs (HERE & HERE)?  Yup,  it was inspired by none other than Zooey Deschanel herself. Although the idea of bangs was far greater than the actuality of having them (couldn’t keep up with the maintenance) , nonetheless i’ve still remained my girl crush on Zooey. So you can only imagine my excitement when The Covetur came to my downtown office  to play dress up with me  in Zooey’s dreamy new collection with Tommy Hilfiger.

It was a day filled with animated expressions, nautical prints, and whirly twirly dresses. Head over to The Covetur HERE to discover the full story .

Thank you to Jake, Stephanie, and the Tommy team for such a fun filled day!


Hair & Makeup by Sunnie Brook

Photography by Jake Rosenberg

Styling by Tommy Hilfiger 



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