Fashion 7 years ago

All Buttoned Up

The material that I have been gravitating towards all summer has been faux leather. I find that this material is a great mix of edgy  & lightweight enough for the summer weather!  I’ve worn faux leather so many ways this season as you’ve seen HERE & HERE . Wether it’s a trouser,  jacket or shorts like I am wearing it in today’s post, faux leather (especially perforated faux leather) is everything this season and will definitely will be spilling into the fall as well!

Photography by Esther Jung

These are the the last of the photos I shot with the talented Esther Jung in NYC and it’s making me miss the fun time I had while I was there. Make sure to follow me on Instagram & Facebook so you can see where I am at now & what I’ve been up to since I left NYC!

Have an amazing day!


Blazer- Rebecca Minkoff  (Similar)

Blouse-Rebecca Minkoff  (Similar)

Shorts-Rebecca Minkoff 

Shoes- Zara  (Similar HERE)

Purse- Chanel*

Sunglasses- Karen Walker