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Editor Approved Best Lip Balms

I never leave my apartment without lip balm.

Have you ever looked into your bag and found a dozen lipsticks that you’re not even wearing? That’s me, but with lip balms… they’re all different, okay?! I have one at my desk, several in my work bag/purse, one in my bathroom, one on my bedside table AND one at my coffee table. I like to have hydrated lips, what can I say.

Believe it or not, I remember the day I became addicted to lip balms, too. It was 6th grade during camp. My 6th grade English teacher Mrs. B had Skittles Lip Smackers lip balms for all the girls… I kept mine in my pocket all week long and applied and reapplied constantly. From that day on I kept lip balm on me at all times.

With that said, not all lip balms are created equal. I have different lip balms depending on my mood and the look I’m going for. So I gathered the best lip balms ever… my A-team if you will… my holy grail.

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Tinted Lip Balms

Sometimes you need a little color. When I need a little flush of color, I reach for one of these two! The Dior Lip Glow has been in my bag for a while. It smells great (very important) and gives a beautiful light pink flush. Since the color is so sheer, I’m not worried about slathering it on my lips.

For a more coral lip, I’ll grab the Tom Ford Lip Gelee. I’m sure you’ve seen Chriselle talk about this guy a few times already, and I can confirm every word of it is true! It’s hydrating, gives a gorgeous color and not to mention, chic as hell.

Glossy Lip Balm

So sometimes I want the hydration of a balm but the glossiness of well, a lip gloss. These two are the perfect example of that! This one from Malin & Goetz is so lovely. It’s technically a ‘Lip Moisturizer’ so it’s SUPER moisturizing. It’s glossy and shiny and not sticky in the slightest!

I also keep this CosMedix Lumi Crystal gloss in my bag for when I want a little shine. First of all, look at how pretty it is! I love the Lumi Crystal eye cream, which I talked about in my Minimal Skincare Routine post, and this lip treatment is just as great! It’s very lightweight and gives such a pretty glossy finish.

Every Day Lip Balm

For every day application, I go back and forth between the Glossier Balm Dotcom and the Kosas Lip Fuel. I’ve gone through several Coconut Balm Dotcoms by now, and they’re the one lip balm that I keep coming back to! I love the smell, it’s hydrating, and really soaks into my lips.

A new favorite that I’ve been keeping in my bag is the Kosas Lip Fuel in Baseline. It’s made with hyaluronic acid (aka SUPER moisturizing) smells a little minty and since the packaging is flat and oval, it fits perfectly in your pocket.

Intense Hydration Lip Balm

When I’m sick, when I’m on a plane, or when I go somewhere really cold and dry, I’ll grab this Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm from First Aid Beauty. This stuff is magic, I’m telling you. It’s thick (read: thicc) and gives crazy moisture for a LONG TIME. When I’m traveling internationally especially, I’ll put this on at the beginning of an 11-hour flight it stays on my lips the entire time!

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There you have it, my picks for the best lip balms! Do you have a lip balm that you swear by? Could it de-throne one of mine?? Drop a comment down below! Until next time,

x Hannah

Photography by Karla Ticas